Wolf Trap Animal Rescue


Wolf Trap Animal Rescue

Mission Statement

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue (WTAR) focuses efforts on rescuing puppies & kittens who have a high-risk of euthanasia in kill shelters . WTAR rescues animals primarily from Mississippi, where young animals are euthanized by the hundreds each and every day due to overpopulation. Lack of spay-neuter laws and large sections of rural land allow for free-roaming animals to reproduce, leading to a surplus of neglected, homeless, and starving puppies and kittens. These animals are then found and brought to local animal shelters, which simply cannot provide the care or homes these pets need in order to survive. Ultimately, they get euthanized for space or for illnesses contracted at the shelter.

WTAR rescues these pets by operating a life-saving transport, foster, and adoption program in Northern Virginia. WTAR finds the pets who need us the most by employing a full-time transport coordinator on the ground in Mississippi (WTAR South), with the goal of working directly with these shelters and communities to be a resource before they euthanize for space. Rescued animals are then scheduled and placed on emergency transport with WTAR to Northern Virginia. These transports operate weekly, relieving the shelters and communities from overcrowding and needless euthanasia. Upon arrival, they undergo an extensive veterinary intake evaluation and then are placed in foster homes until find their forever homes through private Meet & Greets. 

Why Donate to Wolf Trap Animal Rescue?

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue’s young founder, Dr. Amber Burton, has been an early adopter and advocate of bitcoin & blockchain technology. While donations of crypto will be sold for cash, another mission of Wolf Trap Animal Rescue is to re-invest those funds in bitcoin to create a long-term endowment fund for the future of the organization. These funds will build over the next few years in order to finance the new state of the art WTAR Veterinary Hospital for rescue animals. 

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 Twitter: @WTARescue

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