Women’s Earth Alliance


Women’s Earth Alliance

Mission Statement

Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) is a 16-year global organization on a mission to protect our environment, end the climate crisis and ensure a just, thriving world by empowering women’s leadership. When Women Thrive, the Earth Thrives. 

Why Donate to Women’s Earth Alliance?

WEA is catalyzing urgently needed environmental, climate and economic projects across the world. Currently, only 7% of philanthropic dollars globally go to women’s rights programs and only 0.2% of philanthropic funds go to women-led environmental solutions. We need to bridge this critical resource gap.
In some of the most environmentally threatened places in the world, WEA leaders are defending forests and rivers, saving threatened indigenous seeds, launching sustainable farms, conserving coral reefs, and protecting land rights. Since 2006, WEA’s signature approach has enabled over 12,645 women with technical, entrepreneurial and leadership skills; and in turn, they are reaching over 13 million people in 24 countries with safe water, clean energy, regenerative farming, and climate change resilience.
Our work is not charity. Instead, we link women who are already established as community leaders with the resources, training, funding, and partnerships they need to build thriving, healthy, and environmentally resilient communities.
Research on health and climate crises alike increasingly supports WEA’s model – training, resourcing, and connecting women leaders generates economic prosperity and planetary health that scale far beyond project investments. For example, WEA’s Nigeria Clean Energy Accelerator equipped 30 women to launch clean cookstove enterprises. Within 2 years, entrepreneurs sold 6,500 cookstoves, resulting in 150% increase in their earnings, 32,500 healthier people, 39,000 trees saved, $550,000 in household savings, and 3.4 million hours of women’s and girls’ time saved from firewood collection. Documenting and communicating this impact generated support from the Nigerian government, who adopted a cookstove model invented by Accelerator participants and hired WEA leaders to train their staff.
Our deep and global network of women leaders, our capacity-building model, and curriculum built over 16 years, enable us to accelerate women’s environmental innovations and catalyze lasting transformation. 

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