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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower girls and women using the sport of wrestling to become leaders in life. 

Why Donate to Wrestle Like A Girl?

Our vision is to ensure equal access and opportunities for girls and women in wrestling, worldwide.

In 2015, Wrestle Like A Girl was founded by Sally Roberts, a two-time Senior World bronze medalist in women’s freestyle wrestling and US Army Combat Veteran. In 2016, Sally was awarded the Woman in Sport award by United World Wrestling, the international governing body, and the International Olympic Committee, for her work in developing women’s wrestling. Sally was also recognized as 2018’s Woman of the Year by USA Wrestling, the national governing body for wrestling in the United States, for her contributions to the sport of wrestling.

Wrestling is one of the oldest Olympic sports, first introduced in the ancient Olympic Games in 708 BC. Wrestling was highly regarded among ancient cultures; by the Greeks, as a science and a divine art, and by the Romans, as the beloved and coveted sport of young aristocrats, soldiers, and shepherds. While wrestling has two distinct styles, Greco-Roman and Freestyle, Freestyle wrestling is the more modern of styles and was introduced in the modern Olympic Games in 1904.

From 708 BC through 2004, the glory of wrestling in the Olympics was available only to men. After thousands of years, in 2004 women participated in their inaugural Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, a fitting city for a truly monumental and historic expansion.

Time-tested, Olympic wrestling continues to be beloved and coveted, with girls’ wrestling being one of the fastest-growing high school sports in the United States.
Wrestling helps build self-confidence and self-esteem, strengthens physical and mental resilience, and teaches one to persevere through adversity to reach their full potential.

Today Wrestle Like A Girl is doing far more than shattering glass ceilings, it is offering girls and women leadership lessons that for centuries upon centuries were only offered to boys and men. Wrestle Like A Girl is leading the charge for equal access and opportunity, and equal enjoyment of the sport of wrestling for girls and women. 

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 Donation website: https://wrestlelikeagirl.org/
 Twitter: @WrstleLikeAGirl

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