Cracking Crypto Donating Non-Cash Assets with Alex Wilson - PODCAST | The Giving Block

Cracking Crypto, Donating Non-Cash Assets with Alex Wilson

Today’s donors are looking for modern and diverse ways to give.

Alex Wilson from The Giving Block and Cara Augspurger from Donorbox discuss the benefits of accepting non-cash asset donations, which can attract new audiences and potential supporters. With the convenience of online giving, crypto and stock  donations are gaining popularity and can significantly boost a noprofit’s fundraising efforts. 

If you want to bring your nonprofit into the future, accepting cryptocurrency and stock donations is a great step. Check out this exclusive podcast recording with some highlights featured below:

  • (2:13) Reasons donors choose to give stock and crypto
  • (3:53) Challenges or misconceptions nonprofits have when it comes to non-cash assets
  • (6:24) Examples of nonprofits that saw major benefits when they started to accept crypto and stock donations
  • (8:04) Profile of typical crypto and stock donor
  • (11:05) Tips to incorporate non-cash giving as part of your fundraising strategy
  • (14:48) End-of-year and how non-cash giving can help
  • (16:47) Resources for nonprofits to learn more about non-cash assets