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[PODCAST] Crypto Update with Eric Hozempa on the Longmont Community Foundation Podcast

Join Co-Founder, Pat Duffy and Eric Hozempa of the Longmont Community Foundation Podcast to discuss the landscape of crypto in 2023

Pat Duffy stops by the Longmont Community Foundation podcast to update the audience on what’s going on in crypto right now and how The Giving Block has used it to change the fundraising landscape for good. Pat Duffy, alongside The Giving Block Co-Founder, Alex Wilson, created a new fundraising category they call “Crypto Philanthropy.” Last year they merged with Shift4, launching a leading stock fundraising solution now used by over 2,000 nonprofits. 

About the Longmont Community Foundation

The Longmont Community Foundation is committed to creating an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and equitable. A racially and ethnically diverse community is stronger because everyone has an opportunity to prosper. The Longmont Community Foundation has a sense of responsibility to build trust, repair historical harm, and help others understand how race relations impact the community. The Longmont Community Foundation recognizes the need to expand its focus in the future and will add other marginalized populations to its priorities.

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