DonorDock Podcast Episode | The Giving Block

DonorDock Beyond the Donation Podcast Episode

Cryptocurrency Fundraising Made Easy, an interview with Pat Duffy

Pat’s background wound around an unconventional path to get him where he is today, Co-Founder of The Giving Block and working heavily with cryptocurrency. The Giving Block sets up nonprofits to take non-cash (cryptocurrency) donations in real-time. They also help NPOs actively fundraise in the cryptocurrency market.

Check out his exclusive podcast recording with some highlights featured below!

  • (2:08) Introduction to/about cryptocurrency
  • (4:19) Differentiating between types of cryptocurrencies
  • (6:00) Navigating volatility (“The volatility fear, is – to nonprofits – an illusion.” – Pat Duffy)
  • (8:54) The Giving Block process summed up
  • (10:45 Security aspect of cryptocurrency donations
  • “If you’re willing to accept dollars, you’re willing to accept a lot more risk than accepting something like Bitcoin.” – Pat Duffy (14:35)
  • [14:50] The value in NPOs receiving cryptocurrency donations (The average gift size for cryptocurrency donations is $6,500.)
  • [18:00] Noncash donations other than cryptocurrency
  • [22:30] How The Giving Block is Insulating nonprofits from the complexity of noncash donation receiving
  • [25:55] Pricing models