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[WEBINAR] Recession Proofing Your Nonprofit with Orr Group

Join The Giving Block and Orr Group for a deep dive into Recession Proofing your Nonprofit using Innovative and Digital Fundraising!

During a recession, for-profit companies and nonprofits alike tend to make the same mistake. It can be summarized as “Penny wise, pound foolish.” Organizations trying to cut down their staff to reduce overhead end up cutting people who play a role in generating revenue. The organization makes less money, and so another round of cuts is needed. And the vicious cycle continues. But what can nonprofits do to BREAK this very cycle?

The Giving Block and Orr Group are teaming up to talk about how innovative and digital fundraising can ensure your nonprofit thrives in trying times! This session will be data driven and strategically focused. We encourage you to invite your leadership teams and board members so they can hear about the opportunities ahead for you to grow your revenue rather than stunt your progress in the upcoming year.

What you’ll learn in this session:

  • How to maximize revenue from existing areas
  • How to uncover existing cash donors and convert them to non-cash asset high net worth donors
  • Efficient younger donor acquisition