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[CONFERENCE] Panelist & Community Partner at Outer Edge | LA

Join Director of Crypto Partnerships, Pietro Moran, on March 20 – 23, 2023 to learn more about Web3 & Social Impact!

Join us at Outer Edge, an experiential celebration of all things at the edge of Web3!

This year, Outer Edge LA will capture the spirit of the community and the meaningful work each individual contributes to the greater Web3 whole — by inviting you to immerse yourself in the experience and build and shape it. Whether it’s art, music, fashion, epic parties, entertainment, tech, or just good ol’ fashion collaboration, Outer Edge LA is a place for people worldwide to come together to create something fun and impactful.

The event will take place in the LA Convention Center for dreamers, builders, brands, and communities to build incredible structures, art activations, and experiences to share with the greater Web3 community. Our Director of Crypto Partnerships, Pietro Moran, will be on-stage discussing Web3 & Social Impact, a conversation you can’t miss!

Be sure to register using code TheGivingBlock10 for 10% off your ticket!