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[WEBINAR] From SEO to Google Analytics: Enhancing Non-Cash Donor Conversion Online

Join Emil Isaakov and Sam Kahler on Tuesday, April 16th to unlock the full potential of your organization’s online presence!

As of January 2024, over $2 Billion is estimated to have been donated using cryptocurrency. As crypto giving continues to grow, it’s clear that one of the largest donation drivers is where, when and how often donors see the option to give crypto. When looking at the leading crypto philanthropy programs, they all ensure that donors see their crypto giving option on their website, within their online searches, on fundraising appeals, and so much more. 

Join our upcoming Modern Philanthropy webinar with our partners from Allegiance Group and Pursuant as we provide actionable strategies for optimizing your nonprofit’s digital presence and enhancing donor engagement for non-cash gifts, including crypto. Learn how to make your giving pages easily discoverable and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless donor experience that encourages participation and fosters trust in your organization.

From this 60-minute session, attendees will walk away with:

  • Strategies for optimizing website accessibility and user experience to streamline the non-cash asset donation process.
  • Techniques for maximizing SEO to drive traffic to your donation pages.
  • Insights into analyzing website traffic patterns and implementing effective call-to-action strategies to boost donor conversion rates. 

Join us to revolutionize your digital fundraising approach and unlock the full potential of your organization’s online presence.