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[WEBINAR] Getting to Know Crypto Donors, The Next Generation of Philanthropists

Join The Giving Block and GivingDNA to discover the untapped potential of crypto donors and maximize your fundraising strategy!

Cryptocurrency donors are a more diverse & complex demographic than they’ve previously been understood to be. By learning about the motivations and behaviors of crypto donors, nonprofits of all sizes can set themselves up for more success in their fundraising efforts.

In partnership with GivingDNA, this webinar will share more about the traits, values, and motivations of crypto donors and how nonprofits can best tap into this growing revenue stream.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • Why crypto users invest in cryptocurrency
  • Crypto user trends and insights
  • A general portrait of the average crypto donors
  • How to understanding the crypto donor can help maximize your fundraising strategy

Join us to learn how to level up your fundraising strategy with crypto donors in 2023!