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Arts and culture

Impact Index Fund: Arts & Culture

Support charities focused on artistic and cultural programming and education with a single donation.

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Support Nonprofits That Promote Arts & Culture

A vibrant artistic culture is one of the signs of a thriving society. In the United States, art is seen as both a way of life and big business, from Las Vegas to Nashville to Hollywood, and everywhere in between. In fact, arts and culture account for 4.2 percent of the U.S. economy, driven by activities like museum admissions, expensive film productions, and Broadway ticket sales. But our love of cultural products contrasts with the bleak funding situation for arts education and cultural preservation programs, which are under-resourced despite research that shows the many benefits of the arts on academic performance and mental wellbeing.

Fortunately, the nonprofit organizations devoted to arts and culture are working to provide access to arts education, preserve and exhibit art, and perform dances and plays. If you have seen firsthand the benefits of the arts, please consider making a donation to this Impact Index Fund.

Arts & Culture Nonprofits You’ll Support

The Arts & Culture Impact Index Fund supports nonprofit organizations that advocate for arts and culture across the United States and worldwide. We’ve vetted every nonprofit in the Impact Index Fund, so you can be certain every dollar of your crypto donation will go to verified nonprofits. When you donate to the Arts & Culture Impact Index Fund, each nonprofit will receive an equal portion of your donation.


To see all participating organizations, please read the FAQ below.

Save on Your Taxes by Donating Crypto

There’s a reason high net worth individuals tend to donate property instead of cash. Donating cryptocurrency directly to a 501c3 nonprofit is more tax efficient and can save you money.

The IRS classifies cryptocurrency as property for tax purposes which means it is typically the most tax efficient way to support your favorite cause. When donating crypto, you receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the crypto, and you avoid the capital gains tax you would have incurred if you had sold the crypto and then made a donation. That means you’re able to donate more, as well as deduct more on your tax return. The difference? Sometimes more than 30%.

If you provide an email, you will automatically receive a tax receipt after donating.

Cryptocurrency Accepted

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Impact Index Fund?

Impact Index Funds bundle together multiple nonprofits that have a similar focus or mission. If there is a specific issue area that you or your brand want to support through charitable giving, donating to an Impact Index Fund is a great way to do so. With a single transaction, you can help charities of all shapes and sizes: large and small, global and local, new and established, traditional and innovative. For more information on Impact Index Funds, visit our Impact Index Funds page.

Which nonprofits are in this Impact Index Fund?

Adrienne Arsht Center
Aish Global, Inc.
American Ancestors – New England Historic Genealogical Society
American Folk Art Museum
Americans for the Arts
Armour Dance Theatre
ArtsQuest Foundation
Austin Theatre Alliance / Paramount and State Theatres
Ballet Fantastique
Bellevue Arts Museum
Binghamton Philharmonic, Inc.
Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps
Broadway Cares
Cadets Arts and Entertainment
Champaign Aviation Museum
Chinati Foundation
Decentralized Pictures Foundation, Inc.
Desert X
Entertainment Community Fund
ETV Endowment
Film Independent
Foundation for Art and Blockchain
FreeHorse Arts
Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris
Friends of the Lobkowicz Collections
Global Heritage Fund
Golden State Ballet
Great Lakes Center for the Arts
Greg Hill Foundation
Hawaii Theatre Center
Head Count
High Desert Museum
Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society
Iditarod Trail Committee
Independence Historical Trust
Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, Inc.
Institute of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
Many Mouths One Stomach
Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts
Miami City Ballet, Inc.
Miami Symphony Orchestra
Minnesota Street Project LLC
Museum Associates
Museum of Chinese in America
Music in the Mountains
Musicians On Call
National Gallery of Art
Notes for Notes
Nu Deco Ensemble Inc
Ragtag Film Society
Rocky Mountain Public Media
Rx ART, Inc.
Sacred Fire Foundation
Sun Valley Museum of Art
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia
The Eyebeam Atelier
The Language Conservancy, Inc.
The Museum of Flight
The National Arts Club
The New World Center Foundation
The Shed / Shed Nyc Inc
Toledo Museum of Art
Unison Fund
Vidiots Foundation
Waco Cultural Arts Fest dba Cultural Arts of Waco
Women’s Audio Mission

How will funds be distributed?

Once per month, the total value of each fund will be distributed evenly to all of the nonprofit organizations participating in that fund. 

Who is The Giving Block?

The Giving Block makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency fundraising easy for nonprofits. Since 2018, we have been empowering mission-driven organizations, charities, universities, and faith-based organizations of all sizes to leverage crypto technology to achieve their mission. More than 1,000 organizations trust The Giving Block as their crypto fundraising platform.

How do you pick nonprofits for the Impact Index Fund?
Donor trust is very important to us. We vet every nonprofit that uses The Giving Block to ensure that they are registered nonprofit organizations, charities, and foundations. While the specifics of each nonprofit’s mission may differ, the nonprofits in this Impact Index Fund have been selected because they are aligned in their overarching goals.

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