The Rise of NFT Fundraising Report

Everything nonprofit organizations need to know about NFTs and launching a successful NFT fundraising strategy.

One of the most effective ways that nonprofit organizations can maximize their crypto fundraising outcomes is by learning how to effectively incorporate NFTs into their strategy.

The Rise of NFT Fundraising report from The Giving Block offers NFT education, trends, case studies and a step-by-step guide to launch your first NFT fundraising campaign.

The report includes:

  • Primers on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and NFT fundraising
  • Insights into why NFT philanthropy is taking off and why nonprofits should be paying attention
  • Case studies of successful NFT fundraising campaigns from leading nonprofits
  • A detailed step-by-step guide for launching your first NFT fundraiser
  • Future outlook on what’s next for NFT fundraising and philanthropy

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