Collaborations that make an impact.

The landscape of philanthropy is evolving, moving beyond traditional fundraising to embrace a wider range of assets, including cryptocurrency, stock, and donor-advised funds. Pioneers of the “Crypto Philanthropy” movement, The Giving Block is here to help nonprofits embrace a new generation of passionate, generous changemakers. 

Partners of The Giving Block play an important role in bridging the gap between the nonprofits building a better world and a community of supporters ready to contribute through non-cash asset fundraising.

Partner with The Giving Block.

We are looking to establish partnerships with companies across diverse sectors, including crypto technology and exchange, fundraising platforms, payment processing services, donor-advised funds, stock exchange, tax services, philanthropy services, media, and more. Partnership opportunities with The Giving Block can include:

  • Donation Integrations: Utilize our easy-to-use API connection to build crypto and stock donation experiences into third-party sites and projects.
  • Fundraising Campaigns: Join forces to create impactful non-cash asset fundraising campaigns and other philanthropic opportunities.
  • Corporate Giving Programs: Work with us to develop employer-sponsored initiatives that facilitate non-cash asset donations to nonprofits, fostering a culture of corporate social responsibility.
  • NFT Partnerships: Explore collaborations, like a charity NFT drop, contributing a percentage of your fee revenue to charity, or adding a platform-wide option to dedicate proceeds to charity.
  • We’re open to other ideas: if you have a proposal outside of the scope of these categories, please let us know how you envision a partnership.

Be a Part of The Giving Block Network.

Our mission is to empower nonprofits, universities, faith-based organizations, and more to optimize their fundraising efforts for the modern philanthropists. Partnerships with organizations like yours are a key component to reaching our goal. We’re excited to explore opportunities to harness the power of non-cash assets together!

About The Giving Block

The Giving Block makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency fundraising easy for nonprofits. Empowering mission-driven organizations, charities, universities, and faith-based organizations of all sizes to leverage crypto technology to achieve their mission. Discover why cryptocurrency is the fastest growing donation method for Millennial and Gen-Z donors, at