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Cryptograph & The Giving Block Partner to Support Crypto-Ready Nonprofits

The Giving Block and Cryptograph have joined forces to bring sustainable funding to crypto-friendly nonprofits. Cryptograph creators will now be enabled to donate crypto to nonprofits via The Giving Block.

Since Cryptographs are sold for Ether (ETH), proceeds from the creations can seamlessly be donated to the nonprofits who are equipped to accept cryptocurrency donations with The Giving Block. This helps cut down on exchange, transfer and administrative fees that would normally be incurred by having to convert to fiat and then distribute the funds to the charity.

Cryptographs have been selling for as high as 77.35 ETH (roughly $18.5K at time of sale) and in some cases 90% of the proceeds are going to charity. Cryptographs also do not just generate income for charity from the initial sale but also from every other subsequent transaction in perpetuity. So being able to seamlessly donate to the relevant nonprofit via The Giving Block will help to further cut down on fees for the non-profit over the long term.

A Cryptograph is an innovative passive fundraising tool that nonprofits can utilize today and it provides creators and collectors alike with a new way to engage in philanthropy.

Reach out to [email protected] if you’d like to get involved as a content creator or a nonprofit!

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