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Decentr (Reg. DECENTR UK LTD)

What We Believe In

We as a company are in tune with The Giving Block’s mission and ethos of ensuring crypto continues to be a force for good.

With this in mind, we have in conjunction with The Giving Block launched our ‘NFTs for Good in LatAm’ NFT art contest, with (X%/TBD) of the NFT sale being donated to (CHARITY YET TO BE DETERMINED).

What We Do

Decentr is the first and only Web3 browser integrated with a custom blockchain that allows mainstream users Web3 access, giving them ownership of their data and online lives.

By browsing the Internet with Decentr, individuals, businesses, charities, non-profits and their communities benefit from all the security and economic opportunities created by Web3. These include crypto, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets in the new data economy.

#OneBadActor crypto elites that use crypto to enrich themselves are the antithesis of our collective goals and an affront to the good standing and wider value proposition of the crypto and NFT industry.

How We’re Doing It

One of our key early features that allow users to benefit economically from their data is Decentr’s Peer-to-Peer (P2P) decentralized loans (dLoans) feature: the more data that users generate, the better their loan rates.

We are currently Beta testing our dLoans pilot program with the unbanked and undocumented in Peru, and are now expanding into Chile.

Launching Our NFT

We are aligned with The Giving Block’s goal to unlock the value of NFTs for good in the same way crypto does.

We are implementing unique NFT utility to accelerate this goal: dLoans ensures for borrowers that interest rates are lower the more data that users generate, reuse and exchange. Lenders benefit from higher yields by using our browser in the same way.

Our NFT utility (NFTs representing data) amplifies these benefits: NFT holders further decrease interest rates for borrowers while further increasing yields for lenders.

This truly gives those in need and those who want to help them the incentive and catalyst to extend lending across all LatAm and globally.

Our NFT Art Contest: ‘NFTS For Good In Latam’

Our NFT contest, with the winning design forming the basis of a 10,000 piece NFT collection, gives an opportunity for local, global and LatAm digital artists to further benefit from our joint commitment to making crypto/NFTs an accessible force for good.

For further details, and to enter the contest, check out our contest page.

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