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The Giving Block and GiveCampus have partnered to create the first cryptocurrency donation solution designed specifically for K-12 and Higher Ed schools. This integration marks the beginning of an exciting partnership to make sure schools aren’t leaving any cryptocurrency donors behind.​

Why should Higher Ed and K-12 schools accept Bitcoin donations?

About crypto donations for schools

GiveCampus and The Giving Block are launching the first all-in-one product for schools to accept and manage crypto donations with Gemini.

Today, it’s a complete headache for schools to accept cryptocurrency. Crypto fundraising has required a masterful understanding of the crypto landscape, combined with a champion in the advancement office willing to construct a Frankenstein solution with multiple vendors. Even for the schools who decide to go for it, they’re left perpetually cleaning up technical, compliance and accounting messes.

​Not anymore. The Giving Block, creator of the leading crypto donation solutions for nonprofits, has joined forces with GiveCampus to provide schools with an all-in-one solution for fundraising crypto. Coming soon to the GiveCampus platform, schools will be enabled to accept crypto donations and automate away the headaches.

For millions of donors today, crypto is their easiest, most tax-incentivized way to support their alma mater. Is your school ready to accept their gifts? Sign up for the webinar to learn how your alumni can donate their favorite investments to their favorite school.

About Accepting Crypto

Why are more people donating crypto to schools?


Over 100 million people now use crypto. Accept their gifts.


Donating crypto has the same tax incentives as stocks, increasing impact.

Millennial + Gen-Z

Younger donors are using crypto. Meet them where they are.

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Everything you need to accept and manage crypto gifts, all at GiveCampus.

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