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GiveCampus and The Giving Block are launching the first all-in-one product for schools to accept and manage crypto donations with Gemini.

About GiveCampus

The Giving Block has joined forces with GiveCampus to provide schools with an all-in-one solution for fundraising crypto. Now available on the GiveCampus platform, schools are enabled to accept crypto donations and automate away the headaches.

For millions of donors today, crypto is their easiest, most tax-incentivized way to support their alma mater. Is your school ready to accept their gifts?

How It Works

With this integration, schools using GiveCampus’s educational fundraising platform can now accept cryptocurrency donations from their donors.

This donation process is just three simple steps for your donors:

  • Donors will simply fill out the donation page where they will land on the payment options.
  • Donors can choose “Pay With Crypto” and send their donation directly to your organization’s crypto wallet.
  • After the transaction is complete, the donor can choose to designate or tribute the donation. Additionally, your donor can choose to stay connected by updating their mailing address.

This integration also supports GiveCampus’s new GC Wealth Service, which provides schools with cutting-edge wealth data and analytics to discover significant donor prospects, many of whom may prefer the tax benefits of donating in cryptocurrencies.

Connecting The Giving Block to GiveCampus

Ready to get started with this integration? Reach out to your GiveCampus rep or request a demo here for more information.

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Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block

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