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About Giveffect

Giveffect and The Giving Block have teamed up to provide the best all-in-one nonprofit solution to cryptocurrency giving.

According to Pew Research Center, cryptocurrencies are growing at a high pace, with over 31 percent of people 18-29 saying they have invested or traded it in 2021. And that number has grown rapidly. Yet less than 1 percent of nonprofits accept cryptocurrency donations, according to The Giving Block.

Finally, crypto donations are easy and accessible in an all-in-one Giveffect software solution. With the Giving Block integration, Giveffect users can accept and keep track of crypto donations and fully implement crypto donations into your fundraising, reporting, and all-in-one CRM.

Cryptocurrencies are often challenging to manage, from accounting to compliance. Time to make it easy and be on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency giving. Sign up for the Giveffect demo to learn how your nonprofit can start accepting crypto gifts today.

Giveffect is an easy-to-use software for nonprofits that combines 10 systems in one. It includes CRM, donor & volunteer management, events & fundraising, email & direct marketing, memberships, and more.

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