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Easily enable crypto directly on your goDonate donation form with The Giving Block’s exciting integration

About goDonate

goDonate is a next-generation online donation solution that seamlessly integrates with a nonprofit’s website to handle all types of donations, membership and sponsorship. Through this solution, goDonate manages online donation experiences for leading UK charities and international nonprofits, handling tens of millions of donations per year.

goDonate offers a streamlined donation experience for supporters using the latest payment methods and best practice. To continue their mission of helping charities fundraise even more, goDonate has partnered with The Giving Block to allow their clients to easily activate crypto donation alongside the more traditional fundraising methods in goDonate’s dynamic donation form.

How It Works

goDonate charities and nonprofits can now diversify their donation sources beyond just cards and digital wallets. When charities increase their giving options to include crypto, they can meet donors based on how they prefer to give, as well as convert and retain more high-value donors.

How the integration works:

  • When donors access a charity’s goDonate donation form, they can choose crypto as one of their donation options, alongside the more traditional options like digital wallets, credit cards or Direct Debit.
  • When the donor clicks “Crypto”, The Giving Block’s non-cash asset donation form will pop up. 
  • Donors then complete the donation by selecting the amount and form of crypto they’d like to donate, sharing their donation information, and then scanning a QR code or copying a crypto wallet link to finalize their donation.
  • The crypto is sent from the donor’s wallet to the nonprofit’s crypto wallet (set-up by The Giving Block) and is immediately liquidated for cash.
  • Nonprofits will also get automated notifications whenever crypto donations are made, as well as being able to view the gifts within their goDonate reporting dashboard.

Connecting to goDonate

goDonate is offering the service to existing goDonate Plus clients free of charge and without any additional annual fees. Along with access to this integration, charities will also receive access to fundraising communication strategies for crypto users and tips on how to target new cryptocurrency donors. To learn more about how to receive access to this exciting integration, contact: [email protected]

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