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About Koinly​

Koinly is a cryptocurrency tax software that helps users manage their crypto investments and simplify the process of filing taxes on those investments. Here’s a breakdown of what Koinly offers:

  • Crypto Tax Calculation: Koinly tracks your crypto transactions (including buying, selling, staking, mining, and airdrops) and calculates your capital gains or losses on those transactions. This helps you determine how much you owe in taxes.
  • Portfolio Tracking: Koinly acts as a portfolio tracker, allowing you to see the value of all your crypto holdings in one place.
  • Tax Report Generation: Koinly generates tax reports that comply with tax regulations in various jurisdictions. These reports can be used to file your taxes with ease.
  • Exchange and Wallet Integration: Koinly integrates with a large number of crypto exchanges and wallets, allowing you to import your transaction data automatically. This saves you the time and hassle of manually entering your data.

Overall, Koinly is a tool designed to make cryptocurrency tax filing easier and more efficient.

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