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Neon CRM

The Neon CRM and The Giving Block allows nonprofits to seamlessly sync their cryptocurrency donation information with their Neon CRM.

About Neon CRM

For small to midsize nonprofits, Neon CRM products help you manage your fundraising, communications, events, volunteers, and more.

Neon CRM is built to help you increase your impact with a database focused on people, not transactions. Engage donors, plan events, manage memberships, and track volunteers – all with the most robust cloud-based software made specifically for nonprofits. With this integration, your crypto fundraising data can now automatically sync into Neon CRM. This means no longer having to manually download reports & upload CSV files – giving you more time to raise even more funding.

How It Works

As soon as the donation is processed and converted to fiat, the donor data will be pushed to your NeonCRM account.

  • A donor will donate cryptocurrency through The Giving Block’s Donation Form, this will create a new donor in NeonCRM using the donors ‘Firstname’, ‘Lastname’ and ‘Email’.
  • If the address is able to validate these will be added to the donor information.

Connecting The Giving Block to Neon CRM

Ready to get started with this integration?

  • As a first step, you must be a client of both Neon CRM and The Giving Block.
  • Next, complete the Neon CRM steps (listed here, under How to Setup the Integration)
  • Finally, reach out to your client success manager, sharing your organization’s API Key and ID for Neon CRM (which you’ll find in the second step).

Additional Resources

Integration Instructions

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Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block

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