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Planned Giving Advancement, LLC

About Planned Giving Advancement, LLC

Leading with planned giving initiatives, Planned Giving Advancement is a consulting firm committed to assisting non-profit organizations in diversifying their fundraising revenue. We provide vital services such as prospect research, donor relationship cultivation, and the establishment of planned giving programs. Through our expertise, we have successfully secured millions of dollars in support for non-profits in the tri-state area.

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Media Partners

News outlets, advertising platforms, PR firms, and other publications, helping us bring attention to the crypto-philanthropy industry.
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Crypto Industry Partners

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi platforms, and other crypto-industry organizations.
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NFT Partners

NFT projects, marketplaces, and artists making a positive impact in the world.
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Integration Partners

Technology solutions, business analysis, and other services to nonprofits, charities, schools, and faith-based organizations.