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About Ren

At Ren, we work with you to set up the best charitable giving program to achieve your philanthropic goals. We are unique in our ability to provide administration services for any charitable gift instrument.

Our mission is to deliver the expertise, standards, and technology necessary to power growth and scale throughout the philanthropic economy.

Ren & The Giving Block Partner to enable crypto donations to donor-advised fund

This partnership allows donors to easily move cryptocurrency assets into new or existing donor-advised funds to support nonprofits and other charitable organizations.

Enabling philanthropy with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more

As with DAFs, cryptocurrencies have experienced rapid growth in popularity in recent years. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have now attracted more than 220 million users and boast a global market cap of roughly $2 trillion.

For crypto donors, there is much excitement about their ability to support causes with crypto, coupled with the fact that crypto donations can be a highly tax-efficient form of philanthropy. By donating cryptocurrencies instead of traditional government-back currencies, individual donors in the U.S. and several other countries have the option to reduce their capital gains taxes.

Learn more on the Ren website.

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