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About RoundlyX

RoundlyX is a roundup tool and portfolio aggregator that allows you to invest your spare change in cryptocurrencies and digital assets every time you make a purchase from your bank account or credit card. It rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the remainder in the digital assets you choose. In the RoundlyX dashboard users can manage their digital asset and item portfolios at various partnered exchanges with ease.


Spreading mainstream adoption of digital assets by empowering users with tools for responsible involvement in an exciting but volatile emerging asset class.

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NFT Partners

NFT projects, marketplaces, and artists making a positive impact in the world.
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Media Partners

News outlets, advertising platforms, PR firms, and other publications, helping us bring attention to the crypto-philanthropy industry.
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Crypto Industry Partners

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi platforms, and other crypto-industry organizations.
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Integration Partners

Technology solutions, business analysis, and other services to nonprofits, charities, schools, and faith-based organizations.