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Integrate The Giving Block into your Squarespace website to easily accept crypto donations.

About Squarespace

Create a customizable website for your nonprofit with Squarespace’s all-in-one solution. With pre-built templates & drag-and-drop elements, it’s easy to build your page. This includes integrating your crypto Donation Form with The Giving Block onto your site, with a simple copy-and-paste code.

How It Works

Seamlessly embed The Giving Block’s Donation Form in your Squarespace website, making it easy to accept crypto, stock, and card donations. Using our copy-and-paste code, it’s simple to integrate The Giving Block’s solution – no coding required!

Connecting The Giving Block to Squarespace

Ready to integrate The Giving Block Donation Form into your Squarespace page? If you are a client of The Giving Block, follow the instructions here.

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Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block

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Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block

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Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block

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Donation Donation Form | The Giving Block

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