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Tiltify’s Cryptocurrency Donation Integration With The Giving Block

Cryptocurrency donations are now supported by Tiltify through The Giving Block.

Tiltify is the leading platform for livestream fundraisers, and now charities can accept crypto for specific fundraising events or their general Tiltify campaign. With Tiltify’s integration with The Giving Block’s crypto donation solution, donors can now make cryptocurrency charitable donations to Tiltify campaigns. The integration offers charities the flexibility to turn the crypto donation option on or off for each fundraiser.

Increase nonprofit fundraising outcomes with crypto donations

Cryptocurrency donations help nonprofits diversify their revenue streams and increase their annual fundraising donation volume. With about 300 million people worldwide now using cryptocurrency, mostly Millennials and Gen Z, crypto users are one of the fastest-growing donor demographics of the past decade. By enabling crypto donations, your organization signals its interest in engaging with younger donors. Doing so also allows your donors to take advantage of the unique tax benefits of donating cryptocurrency to charities.

Ready to get started? The Giving Block integration is available for an annual fee of $500, after your organization’s account has been set up with The Giving Block. If your organization currently uses The Giving Block, contact your client success rep to learn more about accepting crypto via Tiltify.

How It Works

Curious how The Giving Block integration on Tiltify works? The process is easy:

1)Selects cryptocurrency - Tiltify | The Giving Block

1) A donor selects cryptocurrency

2)Enters donation amount - Tiltify | The Giving Block

2) Enters the donation amount in USD

3)Presented reward_poll - Tiltify | The Giving Block

3) Is presented reward/poll information

4)Selects TGB - Tiltify | The Giving Block

4) Selects The Giving Block

5)Popup for specific crypto - Tiltify | The Giving Block

5) A popup window asks the donor to select their specific cryptocurrency. The USD donation is translated into the specified cryptocurrency based on real time exchange rates          

6)Presented QR code - Tiltify | The Giving Block

6) Donor is presented with a secure QR code from The Giving Block to transfer the donation to the charity’s Giving Block crypto wallet

7) Once the transfer has been completed by the donor and processed by The Giving Block, Tiltify receives a confirmation that triggers thermometers, donation alerts, etc.

8) The Giving Block issues a receipt to the donor

About Tiltify

Tiltify is a social fundraising platform that brings together digital communities, charities and brands to do social good across the globe. With innovative fundraising engagement tools such as polls, milestones, and rewards as well as interactive overlays, Tiltify is the #1 charity fundraising platform for digital communities.

If you are a current client with The Giving Block and are interested in Tiltify integration, or your organization already works with Tiltify and you’d like to discover ways to amplify your crypto fundraising using both platforms, please contact your client success representative.

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