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Nonprofit Guide To Accepting Crypto Donations | The Giving Block

Cryptocurrency Fundraising: Nonprofit Guide To Accepting Crypto Donations

This cryptocurrency donation guide offers charities and nonprofits an introduction to how to accept bitcoin and other crypto donations.
Cover Image of NFT Tax Article

NFT Taxes: A Guide for NFT Artists and Collectors

For NFT artists and collectors, taxes may seem like a low priority. But when it comes to NFT taxes, it pays to be proactive.
NFT Philanthropy Growth

NFTs & Charity: How Can You Use NFTs to Donate Cryptocurrency to Charity?

Auctioning an NFT and donating the proceeds in crypto to nonprofits is the most efficient way to make and receive NFT donations to avoid valuation complications.
BLOG-7 EOY Giving Campaign Ideas Your Crypto Donors Will Love | The Giving Block

7 End-of-Year Giving Campaign Ideas Your Crypto Donors Will Love

Use these end of year giving campaign ideas to boost your nonprofit’s visibility in crypto donors’ favorite digital spaces.
BLOG-Your NPO Guide to EOY Crypto Donations | The Giving Block

Your Nonprofit’s Guide to End-of-Year Crypto Donations

Learn how you can use end-of-year crypto donations to diversify revenue sources and maximize your nonprofit’s year-end giving campaign.
RESOURCES - 5 Tactics to Recession proof uour Nonprofit Funraising strategy | The Giving Block

5 Tactics to Recession-Proof Your Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy

Use these tactics to recession-proof your nonprofit fundraising strategy and proactively hedge against economic downturns.
RESOURCES - Should Crypto Investors Just Donate Cash | The Giving Block

Myth vs. Fact: Should Crypto Investors Just Donate Cash?

There are many benefits to choosing to donate crypto rather than cash. Here’s a breakdown of the top reasons and how both donors and nonprofits benefit.
RESOURCES - A complete guide to donating crypto | The Giving Block

A Complete Guide to Donating Crypto

How donors navigate crypto donation platforms, protect their privacy, and maximize the impact of the gifts they make in support of crypto-ready nonprofits.
Crypto 101: The Higher Education Guide to Cryptocurrency Donations

Crypto 101: The Higher Education Guide to Cryptocurrency Donations

Out of all nonprofit organizations, higher education is likely to be one of the largest potential recipients of major cryptocurrency gifts, from both industry and alumni.
Crypto Tax Survival Guide

Crypto Tax Survival Guide

Here are great ways you can reduce your tax bill, whether you are in the US, UK, or the rest of the world.

5 Ways Your Crypto Donation Can Support Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Show your support with a crypto donation and by being an advocate for destigmatizing mental health.
Here's What You Need to Launch a Crypto Crowdfunding Campaign

Here’s What You Need to Launch a Crypto Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding connects nonprofits with crypto donors. Find out what you need to know before launching your first crypto crowdfunding campaign.
RESOURCES - 12 myths | The Giving Block

The 12 Biggest Myths About Cryptocurrency Fundraising

Debunking the dozen most common myths about nonprofit cryptocurrency fundraising.
UPDATE-Foster Care blog | The Giving Block

7 Ways Foster Care Nonprofits Support Kids for Long-Term Success

There are many ways that foster care nonprofits help kids establish successful lives. Learn how these nonprofits are making a difference for the long term.
The Giving Block - General Featured Purple

Why should nonprofits accept cryptocurrency donations?

Less than 1% of nonprofits accept cryptocurrency donations. Fifteen years ago nonprofits were skeptical about credit card donations.
Cover Image for Cryptocurrency Taxes Article

Cryptocurrency Taxes For 2022: How To Reduce Liability & Invest In Good

If you own cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, you may owe taxes on it. Prepare to file your next tax return and discover how you could minimize your cryptocurrency tax burden.
The Rise Of NFT Fundraising - Banner | The Giving Block

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