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15 Types of Giving Tuesday Charities that Accept Crypto Donations

Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest giving days of the year, and millions of people come out to support causes that they’re passionate about. This year, Giving Tuesday falls on November 30, 2021.

Typically, we see people donate money, volunteer their time, or help spread awareness for the many organizations participating in Giving Tuesday. But there’s also a large portion of the population that want to give crypto donations to their favorite Giving Tuesday charities. To help nonprofits and crypto donors connect, we even created Crypto Giving Tuesday, a crypto-focused fundraising initiative that also falls on November 30 this year.

As you get ready for Crypto Giving Tuesday 2021, we wanted to make it easier than ever before for you to make a crypto donation. Below, you’ll see 15 distinct Impact Index Funds The Giving Block has established, each of which consist of multiple organizations that accept crypto donations.

1. Technology & Science

Our lives are dominated by science and technology, from your smartphone to the protein shake you make for breakfast. In fact, science and tech have become so ingrained in our lives we often take it for granted.

It’s important to remember that there are others who don’t have the benefit of WiFi, computers, or even basic education. The good news is that there are several Giving Tuesday charities affiliated with this Impact Index Fund who help:

  • Deliver computers to underserved youth
  • Develop AI technologies to understand and treat disease
  • Inspire new generations of scientists and innovators around the world
  • Make private, secure communication widely available

2. Arts & Culture

Art is how we express ourselves and preserve the best, most creative parts of our culture across generations. More importantly, it transcends traditional barriers that separate us, like language: you don’t have to speak German to find beauty in Beethoven’s symphonies, for example. Donating to a Giving Tuesday charity in our Arts & Culture fund will help preserve our culture for future generations and:

  • Eliminate financial challenges for young musicians
  • Fund visual arts, literature, and music programs
  • Promote the exchange of creative, inclusive, and artistic ideas across cultures
  • Preserve irreplaceable heritage sites around the world

3. Civil & Human Rights

Every human being is entitled to a life of equal social opportunity and protection under the law regardless of race, religion, or other defining characteristics. There’s no two ways about it. And the recent momentum we’ve witnessed surrounding the civil and human rights conversation proves that, at the end of the day, the best of humanity will win out.

Supporting the charities in our Civil & Human rights Impact Index Fund on Giving Tuesday is a great way you can take action and show your dedication to equality, equity, DEI, and so much more. Your crypto donation will:

  • Create safe, inclusive, and engaging environments for kids and teens
  • Resettle refugees who flee violence and persecution
  • Defend voter rights and build an equitable voting ecosystem
  • Protect humans from abuse and sexual assault

4. Mental Health

Nearly one in five adults in the U.S. lives with a mental illness, one in twenty adults experiences serious mental illness, and 17% of us experience a mental health disorder. These stats underscore the critical need for mental health treatments like self-care, medication, and therapy.

The good news is that many suffering from mental illness can access treatment options that work. Supporting a Giving Tuesday charity in this Impact Index Fund ensures that treatment options and availability will increase. Additionally, your crypto donation will:

  • Give hope and help to those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide
  • Provide tools for recovery that restore meaningful, productive lives
  • Increase access to effective treatment for all
  • Strengthen services for persons with disabilities or special needs

5. Liberty & Freedom

As we enter the holiday season and prepare to spend time with our loved ones, travel, and sit down to large meals, it’s important to remember that not everyone has the opportunity to do so. Some are oppressed by governments, incarcerated unjustly, or threatened by systems of tyranny.

Our liberty and the freedom to do what we want is truly something to be thankful for. There’s no better way to celebrate that than by working to provide the same sense of freedom for all humans. Supporting one of the Giving Tuesday charities in this Impact Index Fund will:

  • Increase understanding of public policies that impact our liberties
  • Protect constitutional freedoms from violation
  • Provide pro bono advocacy services
  • Ensure the rule of law is applied equitably to all

6. Economic Development

Strong communities are the backbone of any successful economy. During the COVID pandemic we saw countless people come out to support small businesses and entrepreneurs despite their own financial challenges. They knew it would help maintain the fabric of their neighborhood, town, or city.

Economic development isn’t limited only to small-scale communities, though—it stretches across countries and continents. Donating to a Giving Tuesday charity focused on economic development will make a local and global impact that:

  • Celebrates women entrepreneurs
  • Provides economic education for future leaders
  • Supports grassroots communities focused on co-creation
  • Helps anyone successfully launch and grow a business

7. Children & Youth

Today’s children will become tomorrow’s leaders who seek to solve the world’s biggest social challenges. We must do everything in our power to ensure they’re set up to take the reins of leadership and improve the world for those who will one day follow them. A crypto donation in this Impact Index Fund will:

  • Create mentorship opportunities for young men and women
  • Encourage academic and personal excellence in students
  • Inspire a love for reading in all children
  • Provide support for children in the developing world

8. Education

Information is comprised of facts or data that we access with little to no work: anyone can go online and read about economic principles. Knowledge is information that’s been refined to the point of understanding: we don’t know how to apply economic principles without firsthand experience and education.

The key factor here is education. That’s what turns information into knowledge. Education takes time, costs money, and requires dedication, but it’s always worth the investment. On Giving Tuesday this year, make a commitment to education by donating crypto to a charity in our Impact Index Fund and you’ll:

  • Create equal, open, and inclusive opportunities in STEM education
  • Prepare low-income and at-risk youth for a successful college career
  • Promote literacy, learning, and libraries
  • Help develop young people to become leaders

9. Military, Veterans, & First Responders

Brave men and women in the military put their lives on the line every day, at home and abroad, to guarantee our personal liberties. First responders rush headlong into fires, devastating auto accidents, and crisis situations to save lives.

Saying “thank you” is a great start, but on Giving Tuesday you have an opportunity to go above and beyond for these heroes. When you make a crypto donation to a charity in our Impact Index Fund, you:

  • Fund college scholarships and educational counseling for children of fallen heroes
  • Assist veterans in their transitions back to civilian life
  • Provide moments of fun for veterans on deployment or recovering from injury
  • Build homes for families of wounded, ill, or injured service members

10. Environment

We only get one Earth, and it’s our duty to protect it. That means caring for the various animals that live alongside us, fostering healthy plant ecosystems, and working to reduce the negative effects of climate change. Giving Tuesday presents an opportunity for you to make an impact on this important work and:

  • Protect and conserve Earth’s natural resources
  • Restore vital coral reefs and our oceans
  • Support environmental and public health professionals
  • Help prevent future, deadly pandemics

11. Health & Medicine

Health and medicine have always been a critical part of our lives, but they’ve been elevated to new levels of importance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We see the nurses, doctors, emergency room staff, and others working day and night to ensure all of us are safe. Healthcare goes much further than just COVID though, and supporting charities on Giving Tuesday can make a tangible impact that:

  • Builds a future free from cancer, ALS, and other deadly diseases
  • Ensures children always get the vital care they need
  • Provides accessible and equitable treatment for everyone
  • Advances life-saving research

12. Animals

Animals bring immense amounts of joy into our lives. We feel it when we play catch with our dogs or when we read about rhinos bouncing back from the brink of extinction. They’re our neighbors on this planet, but they don’t have a way to speak for themselves.

There are a large number of Giving Tuesday charities in our Animal Impact Index Fund that provide a voice to the voiceless and fight for them. With the help of your crypto donation, they can:

  • Provide service dogs to people with disabilities
  • Conserve fragile ecosystems that animals rely on
  • Create sanctuaries for animals who can’t live in the wild
  • Rescue animals from disease, abuse, and injury

13. Poverty & Housing

Food, shelter, and warmth: these are basic human necessities that many live without. Tackling the root causes of poverty and housing issues may seem overwhelming, but there are hardworking nonprofits doing their part to alleviate the pain of living without these niceties. Donate to a Giving Tuesday charity in this Impact Index Fund to help strengthen their efforts and:

  • Prevent malnourishment for those at risk
  • Ensure people suffering receive much-needed medical care
  • Assist single women with dependent children
  • Combat isolation and hunger in elderly populations

14. Food & Water

Access to clean drinking water and food is a basic need for survival that every human is entitled to. It also promotes good hygiene, health, and nutrition which combats the spread of sickness and disease. Your crypto donation to the Giving Tuesday charities in this Impact Index Fund will help provide these crucial essentials to underserved populations, as well as:

  • Support entrepreneurs working to improve food systems
  • Fund access to safe water in developing countries
  • Feed hungry neighbors in a sustainable way
  • Provide vulnerable populations with sanitation services

15. Disasters & Conflict

Every year we see hurricanes, wildfires, violence, and more tear through communities across the world. It’s something we all experienced firsthand during the COVID pandemic as well. Someone’s life can be uprooted in an instant.

What’s inspiring is how communities band together to rebuild and lift each other up in the wake of destruction. On Giving Tuesday this year, you can make an impact with your crypto donation to:

  • Mobilize response teams for disasters and humanitarian crises
  • Strengthen communities from the ground up with resources
  • Build a more peaceful world through policy making
  • Improve the health and lives of people affected by emergency situations

Make Crypto Your Top Giving Choice

No matter which Giving Tuesday charities you find most engaging, exciting, and impactful, The Giving Block makes it easy for you to quickly make crypto donations. Be sure to explore the full Impact Index Fund page to learn more about the different Giving Tuesday charities in each area—you may even find some new ones you want to support.


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