5 Ways Your Crypto Donation Can Support Mental Health Awareness

by | May 12, 2022

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Each year, this monthlong initiative is an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues and work to reduce the stigma and discrimination that still often surrounds mental health. While there have been many improvements to understanding mental health, we have a long way to go in terms of ensuring universal care and support. 

There are many nonprofits working to address mental health on all levels. From making headway in national advocacy efforts to establishing efficient mental health care systems in local communities, these nonprofits support and understand people who live with mental illnesses. May is an excellent time to support these nonprofits and participate in Mental Health Awareness Month.

What’s The Theme of Mental Health Awareness Month 2023?

This year’s theme is “More Than Enough,” provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). NAMI’s 2023 campaign invites us all to come together and celebrate our inherent value—no matter how we might be perceived based on our diagnosis, appearance, socioeconomic status, background or ability.

To show your support this year, you can:

Attend events. There are many virtual and in-person events happening in May, both on the national and local level. May 18, 2023 is Mental Health Action Day, which aims to destigmatize mental health and inspire people to talk about their lived experience of mental health illnesses.

Wear green on Fridays. Mental Health Awareness Month is represented by the color green. Some organizations sell green bracelets or clothing and government buildings are lighting up in green to honor the month. 

Make a donation. Mental health-focused nonprofits are doing all they can to support individuals and drive significant cultural and policy changes. Your donation to these organizations helps ensure that they’re able to continue making a difference for the mental health community.

Supporting Mental Health With Cryptocurrency Donations

The crypto community has been highly supportive of organizations working toward improving mental health services and education. 

In particular, NFT projects such as Trippy Bunny and Blazed Cats have made extremely generous donations to organizations like American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health America.

The Giving Block’s Mental Health Impact Index Fund allows you to support multiple nonprofits that advocate for mental health with a single and equitable cryptocurrency donation. Donations to the fund will be equally distributed among nonprofits which are advocating for mental health.

May is the perfect time to donate to this fund and show your support, especially this year, as we join together to advocate for improved mental health care and understanding.

5 Ways Your Crypto Donation Supports Mental Health Awareness

The nonprofits in our Mental Health Impact Index Fund work hard to address mental health challenges in several different ways. These nonprofits are implementing key mental health initiatives, including:

1. Suicide Prevention and Support

A major aspect to mental health awareness is the topic of suicide. Support in this area is twofold: supporting those who have thoughts of suicide and need treatment, and supporting those who are affected by suicide, whether they have lost someone in their lives to suicide or are worried about someone.

2. Destigmatizing Mental Health

Another essential mission that many mental health nonprofits take on is advocating for public policies that destigmatize mental health. These nonprofits also work to change cultural attitudes toward mental health, so that people who suffer from mental illness get the support they need from the national to the local level.

3. Providing Health Services and Quality of Care

Due to the stigma against mental health, proper quality of care was lacking for many people for a very long time. Now that more research is being funded and cultural views are shifting, nonprofits are working to ensure that healthcare services address mental health and that adequate healthcare systems are established.

4. Addressing Child and Adolescent Mental Health

One of the most common stereotypes of mental health is that only adults can suffer from mental illness. Teenagers and children experience mental health challenges as well. Some nonprofits specifically support mental health for young people and ensure that children and adolescents receive the additional understanding and care that they need.

5. Advocating for Specific Communities

While anyone can be impacted by mental health, there are communities that some nonprofits specifically target which either require extra support or often are marginalized. These communities include healthcare workers (especially during/after the COVID-19 pandemic), the homeless, and people who have been in the criminal justice system.

Donate to Support Mental Health Awareness & Advocacy

The above encompasses just a few ways nonprofits are working to address mental health. Your donation helps to ensure that these initiatives and many more receive the funding they need during Mental Health Awareness Month. Together, we can advocate for further understanding and destigmatizing of mental health.

Consider making a donation to The Giving Block’s Mental Health Impact Index Fund today.

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