7 Environmental Causes to Donate to All Year Round

by | Apr 15, 2024

On April 22 each year, millions of people celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness about the growing need to protect our planet. From saving endangered species to planting trees, Earth Day is an opportunity to focus on environmental causes and support nonprofits that help ensure our earth will thrive for years to come. 

The truth is, however, environmental nonprofits need your support all year round. Their critical missions make a difference not only for the billions of people and animals currently living on the planet, but also for future generations.

It’s easy to make donations to environmentally-focused charities with checks or credit cards. Increasingly, nonprofits are welcoming gifts of stock, donor-advised fund grants, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, too.

The organizations mentioned in this article accept numerous types of donations, so you can give with your preferred assets.

You Can Donate Crypto to These Environmental Causes

Invest in our planet by donating your crypto to these environmental causes: 

Reforestation | The Giving Block

1. Reforestation

Reforestation restocks existing woodlands and forests that have been depleted through clearcutting or deforestation. By planting new trees, large forests are recreated to absorb carbon dioxide and protect the planet. Some environmental nonprofits support reforestation or attempt to save rainforests and other essential ecosystems from destruction.

Example Reforestation Charities: One Tree Planted, Rainforest Rescue

Reforestation | The Giving Block

2. Water Conservation

One of the biggest threats to our planet and future generations is the dwindling supply of clean and safe drinking water. Water conservation nonprofits aim to sustainably manage water resources, as well as reduce pollution to ensure everyone around the world is able to have access to clean water resources.

Example Water Conservation Charities: The Everglades Foundation, Clean International

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3. Ocean Conservation and Cleanup

The oceans are another water resource that requires conservation efforts. From protecting marine wildlife to cleaning up plastic pollution, this environmental cause ensures that our oceans remain a sustainable habitat for marine animals.

Example Ocean Conservation Charities: Oceanic Society, Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center

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4. Protecting Endangered Species

Many endangered species are essential to ecosystems around the world. Animals such as bees, orangutans, and sea turtles are on the brink of going extinct. Efforts to protect these animals not only ensures their safety but also helps to sustain critical ecosystems that in turn have an impact on humans.

Example Endangered Species Charities: Friends of Bonobos, SEE Turtles

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5. Promoting Renewable Resources and Sustainability

Fossil fuels are a major contributor to climate change, and renewable resources such as solar energy are desperately needed around the world. Some environmental nonprofits focus on supporting widespread implementation of renewable resources, while others focus on the long-term sustainability of the planet or alleviating energy poverty around the world.

Example Renewable Resource & Sustainability Charities: Clean Coalition, Solar Electric Light Fund

Reforestation | The Giving Block

6. Reducing Pollution

Beyond cleaning up the ocean, some environmental nonprofits reduce other types of pollution like air pollution. Efforts such as conducting air quality monitoring and reducing soil contamination aim to reduce the amount of pollution in our land, air, and water for a cleaner Earth.

Example Pollution Reduction Charities: Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution Research, Pure Earth

Reforestation | The Giving Block

7. Climate Action

Climate change is a shift in temperature and weather patterns, and the current period of climate change we’re experiencing has been driven mainly by human activities such as burning fossil fuels. Nonprofits that champion climate action fight against climate change through initiatives such as carbon farming, regenerative agriculture, increasing general awareness, and more.

Example Climate Action Charities: Citizens’ Climate Education, Women’s Earth Alliance

Are Crypto Donations to Environmental Organizations Tax Deductible?

If you’re donating crypto to a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, you’ll get the same tax benefits of making a traditional (i.e., cash, card, or check) donation, plus a second benefit, which is that you won’t have to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciated crypto that you’ve donated.

In other words, your crypto donation can be more tax-efficient than a typical online donation, which means you’ll have more to give to the nonprofit of your choice.

Make a Donation to an Environmental Charity

Environmental nonprofit organizations work hard to ensure that a cleaner, more sustainable world becomes a reality.

Whether you’re interested in planting more trees or promoting action against climate change, your crypto donation to one of the causes listed above can make a difference in the shift to building a more environmentally-conscious society.

Discover organizations that accept crypto and other donation methods on The Giving Block’s donor marketplace.

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