7 Fun Ways to Use Your Cryptocurrency to Fight the Coronavirus

7 Fun Ways to Use Your Cryptocurrency to Fight the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is continuing the spread. But over the last two weeks, crypto twitter has taken the fight to, well, twitter. The #cryptoCOVID19 campaign has spurred thousands of crypto users to take action, supplying us with a seemingly endless supply of innovative cryptocurrency fundraising ideas to support nonprofits on the frontlines. We are completely unsurprised to report that these fundraising ideas are infinitely more innovative than those of the average no-coiner. Here are a handful of the fun ways that you can use some sats to help the planet squash the coronavirus bug:

Play poker at cryptocovid19.com

Join Charlie Shrem, Peter McCormack and other crypto influencers for an online charity poker tournament to help fight the rapidly spreading COVID-19 or Coronavirus. The tournament is on Thursday April 9th at 8pm EST to raise money for charities on the frontlines of this crisis. The event will be capped at 2,000 players with 50% donated and 50% going toward the pot.

Register now at: cryptocovid19.com

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Buy Victory Soap at victorysoap.eth

In World War II, civilians grew “Victory Gardens” supporting food needs at home so non-perishables could be sent to the allied forces on the front lines. Today, you can purchase Victory Soap with your Ethereum. A fun spin on a must-have product. Victory Soap is aimed squarely at getting soap in people’s hands — literally — while raising awareness and money for hospitals as all retail proceeds go to #cryptoCOVID19 nonprofits.

Purchase at: https://victorysoap.eth.link/#/products/victory-soap

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Meetup with your friends pioneerclub.io

Pioneer Club hosted a meetup for interesting people in crypto to come together and support coronavirus relief efforts. From miners to defi, traders to devs, the event was filled with interesting conversations as people hopped from “room” to “room” to get acquainted. We hope you’ll host your own meet up and encourage your friends to donate crypto!

Network now at: pioneerclub.io

Buy art by Nelly Baksht

Buy an amazing piece of crypto art from Art by Nelly, and 50% of the funds will go to #cryptoCOVID19 nonprofits. Check out the art, and bid!

Buy crypto art now at: https://artbynelly.com/

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Attend a Virtual retreat at prosperretreat.org

When you sign up to participate in Celo’s Prosper Retreat, you donate from $2-$100 dollars, all of which goes to crypto friendly nonprofits in the #cryptoCOVID19 alliance. The Giving Block participated in last year’s Prosper Retreat, where we met a number of great people and organizations who are integral to our business today. We strongly recommend signing up, and donating!

Register now at: https://prosperretreat.org/

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Make a prediction on Waves Prediction Markets

Waves Exchange released a new prediction solution to support #cryptoCOVID19 nonprofits fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Make your prediction on when COVID-19 spread rate will reach its peak and purchase a token. If you are right you will win 1 USDN per token. You’ll be able to get the reward or donate it to charity! Waves Exchange will donate $10,000 and all additional fees generated from the prediction markets will be donated as well.

Make a prediction at: https://waves.exchange/prediction

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Unstoppable Domains

Donate using our covid19.crypto domain. You can send BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ZEC or ERC20’s to this domain instead of using a traditional hex address.

DIY Fundraiser (Create your own!)

All of these amazing fundraising ideas exist because people like you made them happen. If you would like to organize your own fundraiser, reach out to us with your ideas and we’ll help you bring them to life!

And of course, stay home, and wash your hands!

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