7 Ways Your Donations Can Empower Women and Girls

by | Mar 22, 2022

Women’s History Month is celebrated around the world and women’s historic achievements are recognized on International Women’s Day, showcasing that gender equality has come a long way. However, there’s still a lot of progress to be made for female empowerment. 

Many nonprofit organizations continue to work hard in championing a variety of women’s causes. You can support these organizations and help the women of today become tomorrow’s history-makers—whether you make a donation during Women’s History Month or at any time of the year. 

The Giving Block has made it easy to support women and girls’ organizations with crypto, stock, and card donations. A single contribution to our Women & Girls Empowerment Impact Index Fund supports multiple organizations that are promoting female accomplishment, ensuring equal access to education and career opportunities, providing health care, and more. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of causes that particularly concern women and girls all over the world, which a donation to the Women & Girls Empowerment Impact Index Fund can help address. Read on to find out more and see how you can donate to organizations that are mission-focused on these cause areas.

Donating Non-Cash Assets Supports Women and Girls in These 7 Ways

There’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure female equality and empowerment. Some of the most pressing causes for both women and girls include:

1. Access to Quality Education

Girls around the world still struggle to gain access to the safe, quality, equal education that they rightly deserve. Girls often need to take dangerous routes to school, their education isn’t as prioritized as boys’ education, or in some cases there are obstacles to attending classes. Ensuring girls receive the education they need is key to improving many situations for women.

2. Equal Career Opportunities

There is still currently a gender gap in technology professions and educational opportunities. The tech industry especially lacks women in leadership roles. Some nonprofits are attempting to close the gender gap by teaching young girls to code, helping women establish their own technology ventures, supporting more women in tech leadership or other positions of power, and more.

3. Women’s Rights

There are a variety of women’s rights that certain nonprofit organizations promote, including reproductive rights, fighting against child marriage, and ending gender discrimination. Women also have unfortunately shouldered an unequal share of pandemic burden as the COVID-19 pandemic has upended many aspects of women’s lives, including their work and education.

Read more about how nonprofit She’s the First is using cryptocurrency fundraising to support its efforts to empower women and girls.

4. Alleviating Violence Against Women

Sex trafficking, sexual violence, and other types of violence against women are key issues. Besides needing the means to leave an abusive or challenging situation in the first place, women also need resources afterwards as they reintegrate into their communities and maintain their new lives.

5. Health Support Services

An important issue for women and girls in all areas of the world is that of equitable healthcare services. From menstrual equity to abortion rights and breast cancer risk, women face unique healthcare challenges that need increased awareness and support.

6. Economic Empowerment

Empowering women helps them contribute meaningfully to their communities. Some nonprofits focus on helping women alleviate poverty or provide resources, such as mentorship and funding, for women to be able to experience economic improvement and in turn bolster their local communities.

7. Mentorship and Advocacy

Because many industries don’t have women in leadership roles and it can be rare to see women as the face of businesses, girls often lack professional role models. Nonprofit organizations are working to change that by championing female leadership, providing female mentorship to young girls, and amplifying female voices in many different areas.

The organizations that help girls and women navigate these issues rely on the generosity of supporters who are willing to give what they can to support empowerment efforts. Click here to donate to the Women & Girls Empowerment Impact Index Fund.

Are Non-Cash Donations to Women’s Organizations Tax Deductible?

Many people may be wondering if their crypto, stock, or card donations to women’s organizations are tax deductible. It turns out donating non-cash assets is deductible and can save you money on your tax return. 

For tax purposes, cryptocurrency in particular is regarded as property by the IRS and the tax deduction you receive is for the fair market value of your crypto at the time that you donate it. This means not only is donating crypto a highly tax-efficient way to support women’s organizations, but you could also reduce your capital gains bill as a result.

Visit our Crypto Taxes page for additional tax information and resources.

How to Donate Now

Nonprofit organizations work hard to provide women with the support they need and help to ensure that women continue to make history for generations to come. To honor Women’s History Month, and empower women and girls all year round, consider supporting several of these organizations at once through the Women & Girls Empowerment Impact Index Fund. 

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