Adding Support for Basic Attention Token (BAT)

by | Aug 30, 2021

15 Million Users Will Now Be Able To Donate BAT Through The Giving Block’s Donation Platform…

The Giving Block is excited to announce support for BAT in our donation widget.

All nonprofits working with The Giving Block will be able to accept BAT donations by default. This vital development brings more than 50 nonprofit charitable organizations into the Brave ecosystem while offering BAT holders a tax-efficient way to donate funds.

Now, all 15 million Brave users will have a simple, effective way to donate BAT to their favorite cause.

You can make crypto donations to one of The Giving Block’s many deserving nonprofit charitable organizations and enjoy attractive tax benefits. It’s a win-win.

About the Brave community

The Brave community has long been one of the most generous in the world of cryptocurrency.

Brave has also been a long-time partner of The Giving Block, providing many of our clients with vital ad grants so they can engage the cryptocurrency community more directly.

Many users choose to tip their browser-earned BAT rewards to our nonprofits—giving to a deserving cause while enjoying tax relief.

We encourage all nonprofits on our platform to verify their website with Brave as a way to accept donations. Doing so will give users a way to donate on-chain through our widget and generate an automated tax receipt.

If you’re a nonprofit charitable organization, you can start accepting bitcoin donations with our cryptocurrency widget while benefiting from expert advice and consultancy. Check out our FAQ page to find out more or get in touch if you have any questions.

About The Giving Block

We are experts in charity cryptocurrency. Not only are we equipped to explain why people should donate bitcoin but we propel nonprofit organizations into a bold new tech-driven age through the power of cryptocurrency.

We develop marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations while equipping them with the tools to accept bitcoin with our easy to use and frictionless donation widget.

We transcend technology alone—we also educate nonprofits on how to thrive through bitcoin donations, offering tailored advice and consultancy on creating sustainable growth with the power of crypto.

Once we’ve set you up with the technology to accept crypto donations, we will stick around to support you on your journey while answering any of your burning bitcoin donations.

To find out more about The Giving Block and how our crypto donation solution works, book a demo and we will walk you through everything. And remember, you can contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To give as many users as possible a tax-efficient way to donate to worthy causes, we will continue to add the coins requested by the community.

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