“Beat the Fees”: Switch to The Giving Block for Stocks and We’ll Beat your Current Stock Processing Fees by 50%, Guaranteed

by | Nov 30, 2022

Starting today, nonprofits can switch to The Giving Block from any stock donation solution save 50% on fees for every donation. Over $100 billion in stocks is donated each year and we hope that by reducing fees during the busiest time of year we can help nonprofits tap into this donor demographic. Once a nonprofit has signed up, their rate is guaranteed for life through our Price Lock Guarantee. To take advantage of this offer, nonprofits must sign up for The Giving Block.

We’ve launched this offer in November to make sure that nonprofits could capture these savings for year end, when most stock donations are most commonly made. When compared to competing products that charge 3%, that means for every $1 million raised you could save up to $15,000 – which then goes directly towards your mission. Plus, our Price Lock Guarantee means that unlike other companies, we won’t raise the price of your stock processing rates, ever—and we’ll give you even more great benefits.

By reducing the fees, we are able to give nonprofits of all shapes and sizes an easy way to begin accepting stock donations for the first time, or streamline the way they currently accept stocks so they have more time and money for their mission. Until now, donating stock and accepting stock donations has been a clunky and manual process. Our stock donation solution aims to do what we did for crypto, and create an easy, turn-key way for donors to give stock and for nonprofits to receive it in an automated way.

Although we just recently launched our stock donation product, The Giving Block already works with more nonprofits to accept stock donations than both of the leading competitors combined.

If you’re an existing customer of The Giving Block, please complete this form. If you’re not yet a customer of The Giving Block, please book a demo here.

FAQ & Terms 

The following terms will govern the Beat the Fees and Price Lock Guarantee promotions:

How long does the Beat the Fees and Price Lock Guarantee last?

The “Beat the Fees” offer for accepting stock donations is available until further notice. Even if the “Beat the Fees” promotional offer ends, nonprofits and other charitable organizations that signed up with this promotion will have their rate is locked in, and it will never increase. Ever.

What are the requirements to become eligible for the Beat The Fees and Price Lock Guarantee?

You must be a 501c3 nonprofit in the US and use The Giving Block stock Donation Form on your website as the primary way to accept stock donations. Ultimately, a decision to move forward will be subject to mutual agreement.

How quickly can I get started as a nonprofit?

If you’re already a client of The Giving Block, you’re immediately eligible and just need to submit this form.

Will donations in other forms (crypto, cards, etc.) be eligible?

No. Only donations in stock will be eligible for the 50% discount and Price Lock Guarantee campaign (though other matches or promotions may be available for other donations now or in the future).

How to Donate Stock

For donors, donating stocks is now simpler than ever! Just click the “donate now” button here and select the organization you’d like to support. 

If your favorite nonprofit does not yet have stock donations enabled, please email us at [email protected] to determine whether we may be able to process the donation through our Private Client Services on your behalf.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

For any inquiries or questions please contact [email protected].

Will I (as a donor) receive a tax receipt for my donation?

As with any donation on the The Giving Block platform, we will send you a tax receipt following your donation on behalf of the charity.

Do The Giving Block fees include all associated stock donation fees?

Yes, unlike other platforms we do not have any hidden fees. Our stock donation fees include all associated costs like brokerage, transfer and liquidation fees.

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