Crypto for Pride: Outright International’s Mission to Uplift LGBTIQ Activists

by | Jun 25, 2024

Hoping to make an impact with crypto during Pride Month? In today’s current bull market conditions, many bitcoin and other cryptocurrency holders are in profit—making it easier to make a tax-efficient crypto donation to support a cause you’re passionate about.

Read Outright International’s story to learn more about why crypto-friendly LGBTIQ charities seek urgent support, and how crypto donors can step up to make a difference.

Why Crypto? Web3’s Role in Outright’s Fundraising Strategy

Outright International works with partners around the globe to strengthen the capacity of the LGBTIQ movement, documenting and amplifying human rights violations and advocating for inclusion and equality.

“Web3 donors and charitable giving platforms like The Giving Block have fueled Outright’s global work over the last few years,” says Katie Hultquist, Outright’s Director of Leadership Giving.

Since 2021, the organization has accepted cryptocurrency donations to help further its mission, raising significant support from the crypto community.

Crypto donors have played a direct role in furthering Outright’s work, helping to launch new programs including LBQ Connect, a new, global feminist program aimed at boosting the work and visibility of lesbian, bisexual and queer activists worldwide.

Embracing NFT Philanthropy from Projects Like World of Women

One of the first major funders of LBQ Connect was the World of Women community, which donated $120,000 through The Giving Block in 2022 to commemorate Pride Month and support the first cohort of activists in this groundbreaking program.

“The future of web3 is unwritten, and it’s up to us to shape it together. It can either champion inclusivity or perpetuate historical exclusion. That’s why we believe our world benefits when more women design the future. Through the power of decentralization and by supporting mission-aligned partners like Outright International, we can create a space that represents and empowers diverse voices.”

Adelina Arzu Mattera

Head of Communication, World of Women

NFT projects Women Tribe and Honey Badges have also supported Outright’s LBQ Connect program, and support from the web3 community has made a tremendous impact. So far, the program has sponsored dozens of learning sessions, participation in Outright’s advocacy programs at the United Nations and grants to 57 local LBQ activist groups, in total supporting 300 participants from over 90 countries.

Celebrating Progress in LGBTIQ Human Rights

Over the last several decades, LGBTIQ advocates and allies have made tremendous strides in protecting and advancing human rights and growing the global LGBTIQ movement. Consider the following areas of progress:

  • Since 1994, 48 countries have decriminalized same-sex relations — 17 in the last 7 years, and 4 in 2022 alone.
  • Pride Month events now occur in more than 100 countries around the world.
  • Marriage equality has been codified at the federal level in 37 countries since 2001, with over a dozen more recognizing civil unions.
  • 18 countries now allow transgender and gender diverse people to determine for themselves how to identify on their legal documents.
  • Launched in 2008, the United Nations LGBTI Core Group now boasts 42 Member States working together to protect and advance the human rights of LGBTIQ people.

But despite the clear signs of progress, the challenges faced by Outright and the activists it supports have not disappeared.

The Urgent Case for Support

Limited funding hampers the impact that globally-focused LGBTIQ focused nonprofits can make. A recent study found that less than half the total funding for LGBTIQ issues goes to programs outside the US and Canada.

And critically, the LGBTIQ community remains one of the most marginalized and persecuted globally and the journey for full equality has far to go. Worldwide, LGBTIQ people face significant challenges resulting in lower education achievements, increased unemployment rates, and inadequate access to housing, health care, and financial services. And in 62 countries, homosexuality is criminalized and, in some cases, even punishable by death.

That’s why Outright aims to radically accelerate legal and social change around the world by:

  • Bolstering the LGBTIQ grassroots movement across the globe
  • Creating a wave of law and policy change to protect and advance equality
  • Pioneering new research to make LGBTIQ communities visible and counted
  • “Queering” humanitarian relief and recovery to include and support LGBTIQ people

“Donors who give crypto to Outright are helping us protect and advance the human rights of LGBTIQ people in places where queer people face extreme persecution, discrimination, and violence. It means so much to have friends and allies in web3 who want to help us improve the lives of LGBTIQ people everywhere,” says Hultquist.

Crypto for Pride: How to Make an Impactful Donation

Pride Month isn’t only a celebration, it’s an opportunity to empower LGBTIQ communities and nonprofits through charitable giving. By making a cryptocurrency donation to organizations like Outright International, you can be part of the movement to advocate for LGBTIQ rights around the globe.

The Giving Block helps nonprofit organizations fundraise cryptocurrency, stock and DAF grants. Explore the growing list of crypto-friendly charities.

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