Crypto Giving Tuesday is On a Mission to Show the World that Crypto is More than One Bad Actor

by | Nov 29, 2022

Crypto Giving Tuesday is the one day each year where all of web3 comes together to celebrate crypto as a force for good. Last year, on the back of new all-time highs, Crypto Giving Tuesday made us feel like cryptocurrencies, and their communities, were on track to leave us all with a better world. This year, all eyes are back on the crypto community, but instead of praising our generosity, they are waiting to see if we crumble. What they don’t seem to understand is that the crypto community isn’t about to let one bad actor take down the entire industry.

We’ve learned a lot while building The Giving Block, the most important of which is that nonprofits and the crypto community make amazing partners. Crypto donors have provided nonprofits with a reason to jump headfirst into this new technology that is crucial to fundraise effectively with a younger generation, while nonprofits have given the crypto community a way to show the world their impact and the good that crypto can do.

With nonprofits seeing their donations eroded by economic forces, and crypto markets shaken by the greed of a man who was once seen as a hero, there has never been a more important moment for us to show the world that crypto is so much more than #OneBadActor.

Our dream for Crypto Giving Tuesday is to inspire 10,000 crypto users to donate to a pro-crypto charity by the end of December.

We know that it’ll take a little time for us to remind the world that crypto is more than #OneBadActor, but if we can come together and give the world 10,000 reasons to believe in crypto right now…well…that would be a pretty damn good start.

-Pat Duffy, Alex Wilson and the whole team here at The Giving Block

What is Crypto Giving Tuesday?

Inspired by the global generosity movement started by #GivingTuesday, Crypto Giving Tuesday was born. In 2019, The Giving Block’s founders realized two things: first, that no community-building efforts had been established for crypto donors, and second, that crypto-friendly nonprofits needed a way to get loud together to increase their visibility.

From the start, Crypto Giving Tuesday has been the kick-off event for Bag Season, The Giving Block’s year-end crypto fundraising season which runs until December 31. Last year, supporters donated $2.4M on Crypto Giving Tuesday alone. We expect this year to be bigger than ever, with doubled the number of nonprofits participating.

Will there be a flash match offer for Crypto Giving Tuesday?

Yes! We’ll be challenging our crypto heroes to donate on Crypto Giving Tuesday by matching up to $100K with our “Heroes Challenge”. Our Heroes Challenge Flash Match will be first come first served, so make sure you donate soon to double your impact. The match will also cap at $10,000 per nonprofit, so more nonprofits get to share the $100K pot. 

This particular match pool is only for donations made directly to nonprofits through The Giving Block, therefore our Impact Index Funds, Crypto Adoption Fund, and other funds are excluded. 

For more information about our Heroes Challenge Flash Match, check out the FAQ here.

How do I donate?

You can donate by going to There you search through our 2,000+ nonprofits or donate directly to one of our Impact Index Funds, which will split your donation amongst numerous nonprofits aligned with a particular cause. 

Can I donate a major gift on Crypto Giving Tuesday?

Our Private Client Services team is designed to help you turn your non-cash assets into impact-optimized, tax-efficient charitable gifts.

Our white-glove donor services can structure your major gift to support one charity or multiple causes and ensure best execution so more money goes to those in need — no DAF required. You’ll also have access to our network of accountants, appraisers and other specialized professional service providers.

How else can I get involved?

In addition to donating, you can get involved by joining our Twitter Spaces, supporting us on social media, and spreading the word. 

How should my nonprofit promote Crypto Giving Tuesday?

Nonprofits on The Giving Block can promote Crypto Giving Tuesday by posting about it on social media and linking to your donor profile page so that donors can give directly to you.

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