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What is ChainLink?

Key Facts + LINK Donation Stats

Chainlink is a decentralized network that provides data from off-chain sources to smart contacts on the blockchain. It does this through the use of oracles, software that serves as an intermediary between data sources and the blockchain. Because Chainlink is comprised of a network of decentralized nodes, it eliminates reliability issues associated with using a single, centralized source. LINK is used as payment to node operators, and is also used by node operators to stake in the network.

About ChainLink

Chainlink’s decentralized metalayer of oracle networks allows smart contracts to seamlessly use and create an array of decentralized services that accelerate dApp development, enable cross-chain functionality, and harmonize disparate technologies.

Why Donate ChainLink?

Since LINK has appreciated significantly, donating LINK and other cryptocurrencies can save you money on your taxes. Because the IRS classifies cryptocurrency as property, this means you don’t have to pay capital gains tax on your donation and can deduct the amount on your tax return. This is why financial advisors recommend you donate your most highly appreciated assets first. Users who donate and enter their email address will automatically get a compliant tax receipt.

Don’t want your LINK stack to decrease? Repurchase the same amount of LINK afterward and still get the same tax benefits to offset some (or all) of your gains.

ChainLink Donation Stats

ChainLink donations to charities and registered nonprofits are increasing rapidly as cryptocurrency becomes more popular and valuable. To date, nonprofits that accept LINK donations with The Giving Block’s crypto giving platform have received:


Total value of ChainLink donated via The Giving Block


Nonprofits who have received portions of this total


ChainLink donors





Fundraised LINK to date

Save The Children (Undisclosed Amount)
American Cancer Society 15.9 LINK
America’s Charities (Undisclosed Amount)
Over and Above Africa Foundation 14.9 LINK
Wright-Way Rescue 14.8 LINK
Malala Fund (Undisclosed Amount)
Nashville Community Bail Fund 13.2 LINK
The Bail Project (Undisclosed Amount)
Orangutan Outreach 10 LINK
World Central Kitchen 7.6 LINK


How to Accept and Donate LINK to Charity

Accept ChainLink Donations

Hundreds of nonprofits are choosing to set up platforms for crypto donations because it will help them:

  • Connect with new, younger donors they typically struggle to engage with
  • Tap into the resources of the emerging crypto and blockchain industry
  • Stay ahead of the curve with today’s fundraising ecosystem

Find out why Save the Children, American Cancer Society and hundreds more are choosing the The Giving Block’s tools and services:

Donate ChainLink to Nonprofits

ChainLink investors can become donors by giving a portion of their crypto gains to charity.

  • It’s fast, secure and easy
  • It can drastically lower your taxes
  • It’s rewarding!

Feel great about giving ChainLink to a nonprofit that accepts crypto donations:

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