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What is Tune.FM (JAM)?

Discover the key facts about Tune.FM (JAM).

What is Tune.FM (JAM)?

Tune.FM is a decentralized Web3 music NFT marketplace and music streaming platform. Through Tune.FM, artists earn cryptocurrency when their music is streamed and they can mint exclusive NFTs. The platform uses the JAM token as its exclusive currency. 

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About Tune.FM

Tune.FM aims to help artists around the world get paid when their music is played. The platform is for both musicians and their fans, offering exclusive NFTs, social audio, and more. Through Tune.FM, artists earn more from their streaming revenue and have closer engagement with fans.

How JAM Works 

On Tune.FM, both artists and fans use the JAM token. Artists get paid directly in JAM for every second their music is streamed. They may also mint NFTs and sell them directly to fans for JAM tokens. Fans pay directly for their streaming services using JAM. 

There is a supply of 1 Billion JAM tokens and on average it takes 3-5 seconds for JAM token transfers. Tune.FM uses the Hedera Token Service (HTS) to issue and manage JAM tokens.

JAM can be purchased from numerous leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Did you know that donating cryptocurrency is a highly tax-efficient form of giving that also supports mainstream crypto adoption? Even donating a small portion of your crypto can make a major difference in helping a cause that you’re passionate about. 

We’re on a mission to make crypto one of the greatest forces for good. That’s why The Giving Block can process charitable donations in hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Now that you know more about Tune.FM and JAM, learn how you can donate JAM to thousands of nonprofit organizations via The Giving Block’s crypto donation platform. 

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