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What is Zebec Protocol (ZBC)?
Discover the key facts about Zebec Protocol (ZBC).

What is Zebec Protocol (ZBC)?

Zebec Protocol is a continuous settlement protocol on the Solana blockchain. The protocol enables continuous, real-time money streams and uses ZBC as its governance token.

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About Zebec Protocol 

Zebec Protocol launched on the Solana blockchain in 2021 and enables continuous money streams for financial transactions such as investments, payments, and payroll. Its first application was Zebec Payroll, which allows employees to be paid by the second. Employees can withdraw all their money, convert some of their paycheck into cryptocurrency, or stream their payroll to compliant crypto 401K and IRA accounts.

How ZBC Works 

ZBC is Zebec Protocol’s governance token. When the Zebec DAO is launched, holders of ZBC will be allowed to determine the future of the protocol by voting on aspects related to its governance and administration. Staking ZBC also allows users to passively earn additional tokens, and users will be able to invest their ZBC tokens once the Zebec debit card is launched. 

The supply of ZBC has been capped at ten billion, to be issued within the next three years. Half of all ZBC tokens will be distributed to the community and used as rewards. 

ZBC can be purchased from numerous leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Donate ZBC to Support a Charitable Organization 

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Now that you know more about the Zebec Protocol and ZBC, learn how you can donate ZBC to thousands of nonprofit organizations via The Giving Block’s crypto donation platform.

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