How Satoshibles and Ray Youssef’s Built With Bitcoin Foundation Used NFTs to Empower Communities

by | Dec 7, 2022

When you hear the phrase “economic empowerment,” do you think of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? If you do, you’re part of a growing number of people who see crypto as a powerful, even revolutionary tool to bank the unbanked and fight against the gatekeeping of traditional financial systems.

Ray Youssef, founder of peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace Paxos and the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, is a leading voice for this movement.

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation (BWB) has long accepted donations in Bitcoin and is dedicated to creating opportunities by providing clean water, sustainable farming, access to quality education, and humanitarian support for communities in need.

In 2021, the foundation had a unique opportunity to fundraise with Satoshibles, a successful NFT project that had heard about the organization through The Giving Block.

Together, Built With Bitcoin and Satoshibles launched the “Built with NFT” collection. Over 500 students from six BWB schools in Africa hand-painted 10,000 unique NFTs. The proceeds went toward building even more schools and communities around the world.

The creator of Satoshibles, Brian Laughlan, had this to say about the project: 

“Utilizing the Built with Bitcoin Foundation’s community combined with our expertise in launching NFT projects, we’ve generated a one-of-a-kind collection with a powerful story behind it. We hope that this launch jumpstarts new initiatives and shows how NFTs can be used to drive change.” 

This NFT-driven charity initiative was an early and notable example of NFT fundraising, which directs millions of dollars in cryptocurrency donations each year to a variety of nonprofits and causes.

How Non-Cash Donations Fuel Economic Empowerment  

Youssef, who is also a big believer in Crypto Philanthropy, sees his nonprofit as “a testament to the power of cryptocurrency. We firmly believe that it can improve lives and make the world a better place,” he told Forbes

Making cryptocurrency donations to organizations that support our local and global communities creates change in socioeconomic mobility, financial stability, business development, and much more. 

Many nonprofits that are working hard to level the playing field and make a difference in the lives of people around the world accept non-cash donations, including crypto and stocks.

A single donation to The Giving Block’s Economic Empowerment Impact Index Fund is distributed equally among multiple nonprofits that have community-focused initiatives, ensuring these organizations are able to continue their essential missions. 

Learn more about the Economic Empowerment Impact Index Fund and read on to see what you can do to support the crypto community’s ongoing effort toward enacting global economic change. 

Here’s How You Can Make A Difference

You too can be a Crypto Hero and create change—whether by supporting rural farmers, the training of young leaders in sustainable business practices, or the fight to end the economic violence that’s caused by prejudicial systems.

To find out more, check out all the major benefits of donating your non-cash assets and choose your favorite economic cause to support today.

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