Can a Crypto Philanthropy campaign make a transformational impact on a charity? For nonprofits like The Water Project and handfuls of others, the answer is an overwhelming yes. We’ve heard stories of small organizations raising half of their annual revenue or even outraising it, thanks to the generosity of crypto donors—many of whom choose to remain anonymous! 

The Water Project is a nonprofit that provides clean water and sanitation to the developing world to help break the cycle of poverty. Its estimated budget was $4 million for 2022. They had recently started accepting donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on The Giving Block. 

When The Giving Block and Shift4 announced Caring With Crypto, a $10 million matching donation initiative for crypto-enabled nonprofit organizations, Peter Chasse knew that his organization The Water Project had to rise to the challenge. 

Thanks to the opportunity this provides for cryptocurrency donors to double their impact, The Water Project was able to raise $1 million in crypto donations and received a $1 million match from Jared—for a total of $2 million raised. 

Campaigns such as Caring With Crypto allow organizations like The Water Project to receive large gifts that unlock potential and gain the ability to take bold steps in the long term. Caring With Crypto activated and encouraged The Water Project’s crypto donors, since opportunities for matches of this magnitude are special.

This donation is transformative in that it allows an organization like ours to know what we have to count on. Big gifts like this allow us to not only have the hope and faith, but the certainty to move forward in communities and take some bold steps.

Peter Chasse

President & Founder, The Water Project

After receiving the matching donations, Peter Chasse, President & Founder of The Water Project and Shift4 CEO Jared Isaacman sat down to discuss the impact of Crypto Philanthropy on the charitable sector. Watch highlights from their conversation below:

With the crypto donor demographic growing quickly, nonprofits like The Water Project are coming to realize that crypto matching donation initiatives aren’t novelties, but game-changing possibilities. As with any major success, a little luck might play a role, but as the old saying goes: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

If your organization wants to be ready for the next big crypto donation opportunity, or simply wants to explore the benefits of accepting crypto donations, it’s as easy as starting a conversation.

For a limited time, nonprofits that begin their crypto fundraising journey with The Giving Block can double their donations through the Caring With Crypto initiative. Let’s work together to help you unlock the power of Crypto Philanthropy for your mission.

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