How to Make a Large Non-Cash Donation to Charity

by | Dec 2, 2022

Making a donation directly to your favorite nonprofits is easy through a philanthropy platform such as The Giving Block. Sometimes, as a crypto or stock investor, you may prefer or need specialized services to ensure your major non-cash donations are processed securely and efficiently. 

Luckily, The Giving Block makes it easy to donate a major gift through our Private Client Services, one of our white-glove support solutions. With our Private Client Services team’s support, high-net-worth individuals and other major donors such as foundations or family offices can: 

  • Make large cryptocurrency or stock gifts to their favorite causes around the world
  • Make large gifts to open donor-advised funds (DAFs)
  • Donate hundreds of small- and mid-cap cryptocurrencies 
  • Capture optimal tax benefits from their philanthropic endeavors 

If you’re interested in making a large non-cash gift to a nonprofit organization, find out how The Giving Block can help so your gift has a maximum impact with minimal work on your end.

Is it Complicated to Make a Large Donation?

Making a large non-cash donation is a great way for donors to make an impact while reducing their overall tax burden. But finding the right appraisers and tax advisors that understand your portfolio choices and investment values can be a massive undertaking. 

If you want to minimize headaches and guesswork, consider taking advantage of The Giving Block’s Private Client Services donation options. This method is perfect for: 

  • Individual major donors and philanthropists
  • Institutional donors and foundations 
  • Advisors working with high-net-worth clients
  • Family offices 

Whether you represent high-net-worth individuals or you’re an individual philanthropist yourself, you’ll find specialized services that ensure your values and preferences are taken into consideration as you maximize your philanthropic impact. 

How to Make a Major Gift Through The Giving Block 

Our expert Private Client Services team provides white-glove support so you can privately and securely give major donations. Through this service, you can give a major crypto or stock gift with transaction support from end-to-end. 

Have multiple causes you’re passionate about or multiple organizations you enjoy supporting? Private Client Services offers the ability to split your major gift across multiple organizations, without having to open a donor-advised fund or complete additional paperwork.

Make a Large Stock or Crypto Donation Today 

Are you looking for specialized services to ensure your major gift is efficiently and securely processed? Contact our Private Client Services team today to learn more about making a major gift to a cause you’re passionate about, and see how The Giving Block helps you make the most out of your philanthropic efforts.

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