New to Crypto Fundraising? Get Started With These 7 Resources

by | Sep 12, 2022

Today, crypto donations account for hundreds of millions of dollars in nonprofit fundraising revenue annually. Thousands of charitable organizations have turned to Crypto Philanthropy in recent years to diversify revenue streams, future-proof their organizations, and connect with younger donors.

All in all, crypto fundraising is one of the fastest growing nonprofit trends. Curious, but not sure where to start? Browse through some of our best resources for beginners:

Crypto 101

Want to start from the beginning? Build a foundation for your Crypto Philanthropy knowledge by learning about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Understand what cryptocurrency is with our helpful explainer article >

How to Accept Crypto Donations

Want to know how crypto fundraising actually works? Deep technical knowledge isn’t required, but you’ll want to set up a secure donation widget and learn how to market your nonprofit.

Download The Giving Block’s free Crypto Fundraising 101 guide >

Debunking Crypto Fundraising Myths

Does crypto’s market volatility mean that donors will give less? Find out the answers to some of the biggest crypto fundraising myths. 

Browse through 12 of the biggest crypto fundraising myths, debunked >

About Cryptocurrency Donors

Who donates cryptocurrency to nonprofits? Why don’t they just give cash like everyone else? The answers may (seriously) surprise you. 

Discover some of the motivations behind why crypto donors give to charities >

Crypto Terms You Should Know

Confused by all the crypto jargon you see? Between GM, whales, and forks, understanding Crypto Twitter is sort of like learning another language. 

See 60+ terms defined in our crypto glossary >

NFT Fundraising

Not only are NFT projects extremely generous, they have created some very exciting collaborations with nonprofits. See what the buzz is about.

Learn about the rise of NFT fundraising >

Crypto Fundraising Success Stories

More than 2,000 nonprofits are fundraising cryptocurrency with The Giving Block. Discover how they’ve achieved strong fundraising outcomes for their missions with crypto donations.

Read testimonials and case studies from nonprofits >

Take the Next Step

Discover how Crypto Philanthropy can make a difference for your nonprofit this year. Reach out to us for more information or to request a walk-through of our all-in-one crypto fundraising platform.

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