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Resources for Nonprofits

BLOG - Upbring Foster Care QA | The Giving Block Transforming Childhoods with Crypto Donations and Web3 Innovation Upbring is a nonprofit using the innovations of crypto and web3 to fundraise and deliver impact to its community in new ways.
BLOG-Accepting Stock donations | The Giving Block How to Grow Your Nonprofit’s Revenue by Accepting Stock Donations Learn the main benefits to accepting stock donations and how your nonprofit can tap into this critical revenue source through The Giving Block.
Why it matters to nonprofits that 38% of Millennials own crypto BLOG | The Giving Block Opinion: Why It Matters to Nonprofits that 38% of Millennials Own Crypto This article is a guest post written by George Weiner, the Chief Whaler of Whole Whale, a digital agency that leverages data and tech to increase the impact of nonprofits…
BLOG-HACKATAO 50K DONATION | The Giving Block Crypto Artists Hackatao Donate $50,000 Worth of ETH to Outright International The crypto artist duo Hackatao’s unique collaboration with Outright International included a donation of 39 ETH ($50,000) to the organization, raised via NFT sales.
BLOG-Bullish on Crypto Philanthropy | The Giving Block Opinion: Why I’m Bullish on Crypto Philanthropy (and Focused on Web3’s Potential to Advance Equity) What exciting possibilities do crypto and web3 hold for nonprofits? James Siegal of KABOOM! explores some of his favorite things about the state of Crypto Philanthropy.
Millennial Investors Prefer Crypto to Stocks - BLOG | The Giving Block 47% of Wealthy, Young U.S. Investors Own Crypto: Study A study from Bank of America found that nearly half of young, wealthy U.S. investors hold cryptocurrency.
BLOG-Most Important KPIs for Crypto Fundraising | The Giving Block The 5 Most Important KPIs for Crypto Fundraisers Learn the most important KPIs that your nonprofit needs to know for your next crypto fundraising campaign.
BLOG-NFT fundraising future | The Giving Block Opinion: 3 Reasons Why NFTs Will Shape the Future of Nonprofit Fundraising NFTs are revolutionizing how nonprofits connect with their donors, which will soon lead to more NFT-driven charitable donations.
BLOG-What is NFT Fundraising | The Giving Block What is NFT Fundraising? NFT fundraising has helped countless nonprofits increase their annual revenues. Discover what this new trend of NFT charitable giving is all about.
BLOG - NFT Terms you should know | The Giving Block NFT Fundraising Glossary: 25+ Key Terms & Definitions Ready to fundraise with NFTs? Our NFT fundraising glossary has you covered with over 25+ essential definitions.