12 Charities Fighting Poverty in the US & Worldwide

by | Jan 29, 2024

With 9.2% of the world’s population enduring the harsh realities of poverty, the responsibility falls on the remaining 90.9% of global citizens to help improve the lives of the less fortunate. (In the United States, the poverty rate is slightly higher at 11.5%, or 37.9 million people.)

By volunteering you can make a difference right in your community, but there are other ways to help out that don’t involve your time or specific skills. One idea is to make a tax-deductible donation to a charity that fights poverty. 

While their missions may differ, these poverty charities all want to reduce the number of communities that lack access to essentials that we may take for granted.

But with so many organizations each with its own approach, from launching initiatives on a global stage to providing basic needs like food and shelter, the average person can feel lost on how to actually give where it’s needed most.

If you’re among those passionate about making a difference, this blog post is your guide to impactful giving to poverty-fighting charities.

Poverty-Fighting Charities Help 719 Million People Live With Greater Dignity 

If you think poverty is an issue that will never be solved, here’s the good news: The Brookings Institute found that over the past 30 years, global poverty has been dramatically reduced. 

But while progress has been made, the challenges won’t go away by themselves. International politics, governmental policies, natural disasters and public health crises all make the work of poverty reduction an ongoing, urgent effort. 

That’s where your generosity comes in. Whether you’re looking to observe World Poverty Day, Poverty in America Awareness Month, or just feel a sense of responsibility to uplift humanity, no amount is too little to help. 

Below, discover 12 charitable organizations that are addressing poverty in the United States and/or globally.

1. Habitat for Humanity International

Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity builds affordable housing and advocates for dignified living conditions globally. By partnering with communities, they empower families to achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance.

Year Founded: 1976

Website: https://www.habitat.org/


CARE, established in 1945, fights global poverty and provides humanitarian aid. Through community-based efforts, they address the root causes of poverty, aiming to create lasting change and a world of equality.

Year Founded: 1945

Website: https://www.care.org/

Like CARE, Unlock the Power of Digital Fundraising

Explore CARE’s exceptional journey in digital fundraising with The Giving Block. As a leading US charity, CARE achieved remarkable success by accepting cryptocurrency and delving into NFT fundraising. 

3. Bay Area Community Services, Inc.

Since 1953, Bay Area Community Services addresses homelessness, mental health, and substance use issues. Through innovative programs, they strive to create lasting solutions, promoting wellness and stability in the Bay Area community.

Year Founded: 1953

Website: https://www.bayareacs.org/

4. York Street Project

Founded in 1989, York Street Project empowers economically disadvantaged women and children. Through education, housing, and childcare programs, they break the cycle of poverty, fostering independence and resilience.

Year Founded: 1989

Website: https://yorkstreetproject.org/

5. Lifting Hands International

Lifting Hands International, since 2016, offers aid to refugees and displaced populations. With a focus on dignity and empowerment, they provide essential services and support, striving to improve the lives of those affected by crises.

Year Founded: 2016

Website: https://www.liftinghandsinternational.org/

6. Project Hawaii

Project Hawaii, established in 1996, dedicates itself to homeless keiki (children) and their families. Through outreach and support programs, they provide essential resources, nurturing a path towards stability and a brighter future.

Year Founded: 1996

Website: http://www.helpthehomelesskeiki.org/

7. Entryway

Entryway, founded in 2012, focuses on preventing and addressing homelessness. Through outreach, education, and resource navigation, they work to ensure individuals have the support needed to secure stable housing.

Year Founded: 2012

Website: https://entrywaytalent.org/

8. Refuge for Women

Refuge for Women, since 2009, offers healing and hope to survivors of trafficking. Through long-term care and support, they empower women to overcome trauma, fostering a path towards restoration and independence.

Year Founded: 2009

Website: https://www.refugeforwomen.org/

9. Breakthrough

Breakthrough, founded in 1992, focuses on housing those in need. They provide transitional and permanent supportive housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Chicago’s Garfield Park community.

Year Founded: 1992

Website: https://breakthrough.org/

10. Oxfam America

Oxfam America, founded in 1970, addresses global poverty and injustice. Through advocacy and partnerships, they work towards sustainable solutions, empowering communities to build a more equitable and resilient world.

Year Founded: 1970

Website: https://www.oxfamamerica.org/

11. The Life You Can Save

Founded in 2009, The Life You Can Save promotes effective giving to alleviate global poverty. They encourage individuals to make a significant impact by supporting evidence-based initiatives that save and improve lives.

Year Founded: 2009

Website: https://www.thelifeyoucansave.org/

12. Save the Children

Save the Children, established in 1919, is dedicated to protecting children globally. Through various programs, they ensure access to healthcare, education, and safety, striving to create a world where every child can thrive.

Year Founded: 1919

Website: https://www.savethechildren.org/

5 Ways to Help Charities in Reducing Poverty

Giving your cash to charity isn’t the only way to make an impact. You can also sign up to put your time and skills to good use through websites like VolunteerMatch.

Or, you can choose to donate non-cash assets that can often be more tax-efficient than donating cash.

Pick one of the following ways to give back:

  1. Volunteer your time or skills for a local charity.
  2. Donate using your credit or debit card.
  3. Donate appreciated shares of stock.
  4. Donate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  5. Recommend a donor-advised fund grant.

As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Your contribution, no matter the size, is part of a collective global force for change.

Unlock the Power of Your Donation Today

Whether it’s supporting someone’s education, housing, or healthcare, your donation becomes a beacon of hope for individuals facing the harsh realities of poverty.

Whether you choose to give via credit card, DAF, or with non-cash assets like stock and cryptocurrency, the possibilities are as expansive as your generosity.

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