RareCircles and The Giving Block Partner to Enable Nonprofits to Directly Sell NFTs for the First Time

by | Sep 14, 2022

For the first time, nonprofit organizations will be able to create and sell their own non-fungible token (NFT) collections, thanks to a partnership between RareCircles and The Giving Block. Our nonprofit partners frequently ask how they can launch their own NFT collections. Until now there hasn’t been a great option. We’re thrilled to launch this partnership with RareCircles that will offer a simple, no-code, cost-effective solution for nonprofits to further tap into the fundraising power of NFTs.

Why This Partnership is So Exciting

In 2021, donations via crypto reached $300 million. However, nonprofits had a limited ability to fundraise via NFTs due to their charitable organization status, which limited them to passively receiving donations from NFT creators or fundraising via charity auctions of works created by others. As a result, most nonprofit NFT projects have donated via third party collaborations.

With this partnership, RareCircles —which provides comprehensive NFT minting, checkout, and post-purchase solutions— and our team at The Giving Block, will provide a quick, turn-key platform for charities to launch their own NFT projects. NFTs provide a significant untapped fundraising and engagement channel for nonprofits, and this partnership allows organizations to take advantage of it.

What This Partnership with RareCircles Means for Nonprofits and Donors

As part of RareCircles’ work with The Giving Block, non-crypto native donors will be able to easily purchase NFTs in fiat currency or crypto without signing up for a wallet. That will create an easy process for even those new to NFTs to purchase them.

The Giving Block will also facilitate charitable giving for RareCircles’ corporate clients. These clients can opt to donate NFT launch proceeds to charity either via direct contributions or donations to nonprofit index funds, such as an arts and culture index fund.

“RareCircles works with the world’s top brands to engage customers via NFTs and grow revenues,” says Ethan Song, CEO of RareCircles. “We’re delighted to provide the same opportunity to nonprofits, offering them simple and innovative new channels to reach donors. We couldn’t think of a better partner for this initiative than The Giving Block.”

To learn more about the impact of the NFT community’s generosity, download our free report, The Rise of NFT Fundraising.

About RareCircles

The world’s leading organizations trust RareCircles to launch and manage NFT projects. Through comprehensive minting, checkout, and post purchase tools, RareCircles’ solutions deepen customer engagement and generate new revenue streams. Backed by top investors like Tiger Global and White Star Capital, RareCircles bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 by powering rich consumer experiences for both crypto native consumers and those new to Web3.

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