The Giving Block Launches The 2023 Annual Report on Crypto Philanthropy

by | Mar 29, 2023

The 2023 Annual Report on Crypto Philanthropy Reveals the Industry is on the Rise, Despite Market Volatility

We’re excited to announce that today we launched The 2023 Annual Report on Crypto Philanthropy, exploring the drivers behind crypto philanthropy’s upward trend in the face of market turbulence.

In one of the most challenging periods in crypto’s fourteen-year history, our platform passed $125M in all-time giving, and saw the greatest increase in new nonprofits fundraising crypto since we launched in 2018. As we look back on the year, the resiliency of this asset class and the donor demographic therein is staggering. In less than five years, the crypto philanthropy movement has grown from a gimmick into one of the fastest growing donation methods, on pace to drive billions of dollars to nonprofits in the years ahead.

The stability of crypto giving during bear markets has surpassed our expectations, and we believe the nonprofit sector has a lot to be excited about. Crypto giving continues to expand its role in nonprofit fundraising, and the charities leading the way are future-proofing their strategies while building younger, more vibrant donorbases.

Last year, we helped thousands of nonprofits fundraise crypto, and over a thousand nonprofits fundraise stocks. Through our work as the leading asset fundraising platform, we’ve been able to assemble this report with data, trends and predictions that will help nonprofits navigate crypto philanthropy now and into the future.

Today, half of America’s Top Charities are fundraising crypto, and over 80% of them are choosing to do so with us. If you’d like to better understand what’s driving one of the most impactful trends in the nonprofit sector, we hope you’ll take some time to explore The 2023 Annual Report on Crypto Philanthropy.

Pat Duffy & Alex Wilson
The Giving Block

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