The Giving Block Adds MetaMask Integration for Crypto Donations, Making it Easier than Ever to Donate ETH and ERC-20 Tokens

by | Feb 1, 2023

The Giving Block is partnering with MetaMask, the leading web3 crypto wallet supporting Ethereum-based tokens and NFTs, to make it easier and faster than ever to donate ETH and ERC-20 tokens. MetaMask’s community of over 30M active monthly users can now donate through The Giving Block in a matter of seconds.

In 2021, Ethereum was the most donated cryptocurrency on The Giving Block, with over $30M in donations. This partnership allows those generous donors a secure and easy way to donate to their favorite charities in just a few clicks.

Why We Partnered with MetaMask

It is important to us that we align with trusted partners who have a legacy of transparent business practices and user privacy. Metamask is one of the most-trusted and widely used wallets available and we are excited to join other notable names including OpenSea and PayPal as their partners, as we know many of our donors rely on MetaMask as their wallet of choice.

Why This Partnership is So Exciting for Donors 

MetaMask is one of the most popular and trusted crypto wallets in the world, with millions of active users who buy, sell and donate ETH and ERC-20 tokens. Through this integration, donors can connect their wallet and send the donation details to MetaMask at the click of a button. This not only saves donors time, but also provides an additional security checkpoint that allows donors to sign off on the transaction.

Why This Partnership is Valuable for Nonprofits

As nonprofits continue to fundraise crypto, it’s important to meet donors where they are at. MetaMask has built a robust community of 30M active monthly users that are passionate about crypto and NFTs. It is important for this community to see that their favorite causes are taking the steps to make the donation process even easier and are integrating with their favorite wallets. With this integration, it’s faster than ever for donors to give, increasing the likelihood that they will donate more frequently.

How To Donate Using MetaMask Wallet

Excited to donate Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens through your MetaMask wallet? See the step by step instructions below:

Step 1: Choose your cause 

Go to and choose from the 2,000+ nonprofits who accept crypto donations. Once you’ve picked the cause that resonates most with you, click on the donation button and choose “crypto” as your donation method.

Step 1 - Donate Page | The Giving Block

Step 2: Decide how much you’d like to donate

Once you have selected “crypto” as your donation method, you can choose the token you wish to donate. Choose Ethereum or any ERC-20 token in the drop down menu, and input how much you’d like to donate.

Step 2 - MetaMask Integration - Make a Donation | The Giving Block

Step 3: Input personal information (or keep it anonymous!)

We give donors the option to input personal information including first and last name, email and address. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, that’s fine too! Simply click the “Make donation anonymous” box at the top of the donation page.

Step 3 - MetaMask Integration - Personal Info | The Giving Block

Step 4: Make your donation

At this time, there will be an option to “Donate With MetaMask.” Simply click the button to donate.

Step 4 - MetaMask Integration - Donate with MetaMask | The Giving Block

Step 5: MetaMask confirmation

The MetaMask wallet popup window will be launched in your browser, you will see the details of your transaction including currency/token, amount and any related MetaMask fees in this window. You can “confirm” or “reject” the donation.

Step 5 - MetaMask Integration - Connect Wallet | The Giving Block

Step 6: Complete donation

Once you’ve reviewed the information in the MetaMask popup window, you can hit “confirm” donation in MetaMask. Once the donation has been confirmed, the MetaMask pop up will close, and The Giving Block’s webpage will say “Donation Complete.”

Step 6 - MetaMask Integration - Donation Complete | The Giving Block

Other things to note

MetaMask users also have the option to save an address in their MetaMask wallet. Please note that if unused, the address generated by The Giving Block for any donation will expire after 180 days.

If you are looking to donate via The Giving Block through MetaMask, but are not seeing the MetaMask donation option, check that the MetaMask browser extension is installed. Please also ensure that the currency or token you are looking to donate is supported by The Giving Block.

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