The Giving Block Announces Blackbaud Integration

by | Feb 8, 2023

The Giving Block is excited to announce our new integration with Blackbaud. This includes Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud CRM, and Altru – some of the most popular CRM products for nonprofits. For the first time ever, nonprofits can now effortlessly integrate both cryptocurrency and stock donation data into Blackbaud.

At The Giving Block, we’re always looking for ways to modernize the way nonprofits fundraise and ultimately operate more efficiently so they can maximize their impact. Nonprofits shouldn’t have to spend time manually importing data into their CRM and with this integration, they won’t have to. All donation data from The Giving Block will automatically sync with your favorite Blackbaud product once integrated.

Features of this integration include: 

  • Streamlined data imports: Establish a template for import once and seamlessly integrate crypto, stock, and card donations from The Giving Block.
  • Prevent duplicates: With best-in-class matching capabilities, this integration prevents duplicates from entering your CRM, enabling your team to make decisions based on data you can trust.
  • Standardize data: No more manual data entry and file manipulation. This integration helps standardize, transform, and validate your data – ensuring that data is imported accurately and quickly.

How do I get started?

This integration is powered by our partnership with Omatic, the leading solution provider for nonprofit data integrations. Omatic works with thousands of nonprofits to streamline data integration, enabling nonprofit teams to focus on their mission. If you are already a customer of The Giving Block, you can email [email protected] to learn more or get started.

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