The Giving Block Becomes the Most Environmentally Friendly Crypto Donations Platform on the Planet

by | Aug 24, 2022

UPDATE: Learn more about EcoGift, our solution for making cryptocurrency donations more climate-friendly.

The leader in Crypto Philanthropy aims to also become the leader in environmentally friendly crypto donations by purchasing 2x carbon offsets each year

The Giving Block has launched The Giving Block Green Initiative (“TGB Green”), making it the most environmentally friendly crypto donation platform on the planet. We’ve developed this program to make our platform a safe space for pro-crypto nonprofits and their donors to engage in Crypto Philanthropy, without worrying about backlash due to the misinformation out there surrounding crypto’s impact on the environment.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is TGB Green?

TGB Green is our program committing us to being the most environmentally friendly place to donate crypto. Through TGB Green we’ve taken the recommended carbon offset and doubled it. This not only erases the carbon footprint of donations made on The Giving Block, but turns them into an environmental force for good.

On top of our carbon offsets program, we’ve also created the “Environment Impact Index Fund” for the crypto community. This fund allows crypto users to donate to nearly 100 environmental nonprofits with a single transaction, making it the most comprehensive donation option for environmentally conscious crypto users.

Finally, we are doubling down on our commitment to educate more people about the misconceptions around crypto’s impact on the environment. As a company we are fully committed to playing a larger role in educating the broader population about the misconceptions related to crypto energy consumption.

What Inspired us to Create TGB Green?

We spent about a year working to teach people that crypto uses less energy than banks, but there was simply too much clickbait to fight. We wanted to be the one platform where nonprofit clients are safe from this criticism, and felt that training our nonprofits to educate their audience on the difference between a transaction and a block was too great a burden.

So, we researched the carbon footprint of our donors and decided to donate enough to offset it two-times-over, making crypto donations on The Giving Block not just carbon neutral, but good for the environment. This saves our donors and nonprofits from needing to educate others on crypto, while hopefully encouraging more nonprofits to get into crypto.

Moving Forward

The launch of TGB Green is only the beginning for us. We understand that being the most environmentally friendly Crypto Philanthropy platform is not enough, and without continued education we may simply reinforce dangerous narratives about crypto’s energy consumption elsewhere.

It is not easy to explain the reality of crypto’s environmental impact to the average person (or nonprofit). It’s a lot to ask nonprofits to explain how a block works, or how mining gets more efficient as it scales, or how crypto leverages a larger percentage of green energy than almost any other industry, especially when there is so much misinformation out there. Despite the size of the challenge, we’re ready to take it on, and look forward to becoming a leading myth-buster of environmental crypto FUD.

But while we do, we’ll sleep better knowing that TGB Green means that nonprofits on The Giving Block are safe to spend more time enacting their missions.

JULY 2023 UPDATE: Learn more about EcoGift, our solution for making cryptocurrency donations more climate-friendly.

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