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The Giving Block on pace to process over $100M in cryptocurrency donations in 2021

by | Sep 20, 2021

The crypto philanthropy leader is ramping up growth and projects processing $1B in donations in 2022 with major partnerships going live soon. 

The Giving Block, the leading crypto donation solution for nonprofit organizations and individual donors, announced it is on pace to process over $100M in cryptocurrency donations in 2021 and projects $1B in cryptocurrency donations to be processed in 2022, with a number of major partnerships set to go live starting in Q4 ahead of Giving Season.

The Giving Block is dedicated to unlocking the full philanthropic impact of crypto by empowering nonprofit organizations to securely and compliantly accept cryptocurrency donations, and enabling individuals to easily give crypto to their favorite charities worldwide. The Giving Block supports donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 40 more popular cryptocurrencies, and actively partners with leading crypto companies, NFT projects, and traditional institutions to bring their charitable initiatives to life.
Crypto Philanthropy is Taking Off…Like a Rocket Ship

While DeFi and NFTs have stolen the spotlight, crypto philanthropy is quietly having a moment in 2021 and The Giving Block has led the charge:

  • 1000% increase in individual cryptocurrency donations in 2021: The Giving Block has processed over 10,000 donations to-date from individuals, crypto projects, and other organizations.
  • Over 90% of nonprofit organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations use The Giving Block: Crypto giving at 1000+ charities, foundations, universities, faith-based, and institutional organizations is now powered by The Giving Block.
  • Nonprofit organizations using The Giving Block have raised an average of $50k+ in cryptocurrency donations in 2021: More nonprofit organizations than ever have added cryptocurrency donations to diversify their fundraising options and are seeing strong growth this year.

The Giving Block’s Co-Founder, Pat Duffy, commented, “When we started The Giving Block in 2018, donating crypto was new and there was limited infrastructure to support it. Today, ‘crypto traders’ are the fastest growing donor demographic and the number of leading nonprofit organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations has skyrocketed. We see a future where cryptocurrency donations are a staple of every nonprofit organization’s fundraising strategy.”

Investing in Talent, Growth, and Culture

In 2021, The Giving Block team has grown from 6 to 30 employees, including the recent hirings of industry veterans Ben Pousty (Fidelity, Circle, Paxos, Bitstamp) as Head of Growth and Duke Kim (Bloomberg, Lukka, Celsius) as Head of Crypto Partnerships. It is continuing to expand its team further, with aims to exceed 40 employees by the end of the year.

“We’re excited to grow our team to help meet the needs of modern-day fundraisers. Nonprofits are accepting crypto donations at a rapid pace in order to fill budget shortfalls from COVID and diversify their donor bases,” said Alex Wilson, The Giving Block’s co-founder. “As we expand, we will also continue to educate the cryptocurrency community about how donating crypto is one of the most efficient ways to reduce their taxable gains while also supporting their favorite causes.”

With enthusiasm and support for crypto philanthropy growing each month, The Giving Block anticipates a standout end of year performance by nonprofits accepting crypto donations, and is optimistic in its 2022 outlook.

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